Tips To Make Your Home Baby Friendly For Your Bundle Of Joy

Every parent desires to create a home that is safe for their little ones and at the same time allows their little munchkins to play, walk around and discover self-sufficiently. Even though it is true that young children must be watched constantly however by making few changes at your home you can make your home a safe and happy place for your baby. Nature has deliberately made them curious and adventurous, however, it is our job to be proactive and alert. It is important to remember that your attentiveness is your child’s finest protection.

Here are few tips for parents to make their home baby friendly:

A) Babies need space: These tiny human beings need all the space in the house and it still won’t be enough for them. Babies and young children are naturally curious to explore the world around them. Clear out space as much as you can. If possible opt for compact or pull out/foldable furniture which will help in creating more space during daytime.

B) Little hands are finding hazards specialist: It is important to install the plastic safety guard or safety sockets in all plug points. Electrical appliances cords should be hidden behind heavy furniture. Snap locks should be used in drawers which are within the reach of your little explorer. Once your little one starts walking everything is new to him and more you try to keep them away from something more are the chances they will touch it.

C) Storage space for toys is never enough: Stepping on a piece of a Lego is like a mandatory test to be announced as a parent of a toddler. Arrange for little drawers or boxes which can be easily opened by your little ones and keep their favorite toys in it. Babies and young children love exploring new things and playing with new things and due to which parents keep on buying new things. As per my experience, storage space for toys of your little one is never enough so it is good to be prepared with few extra boxes or drawers.

D) Indestructible materials and vibrant colors: We all know that babies love vibrant colors. Keep the furniture in the house edge free and heavy which will help it keeping it on the ground and not topple over even if your baby tries to rustle with it. You can decorate their room with the wall sticker of their favorite cartoon characters which are easily available in the market. Your baby’s room is one place where you can let the imagination of a child in you be set free while preparing it for your little one.

E) Few other safety measures:

i) Make sure that all the buckets have lockable lids.

ii) Snap locks on toilet lids.

iii) Snap locks on low cupboard doors.

iv) Attach cushioned edge protectors to coffee tables or beds.

v) Door slam protectors.

We experience mixed emotions like anxiety, happiness, joy etc. the day we decide to bring our little munchkins home from the hospital. Feeling anxious is quite natural as we know that those little human beings are fragile and needs our attention always. Here are few important things your interior decoration contractor can help you with to make your house baby proofed:

1) To catch a view of outside “windows attract your baby’s attention the most:

Get a sturdy grilled installed from your interior decoration contractor which will help in keeping your baby safe and little one can enjoy the view easily. Your interior decoration contractor can help you pick a theme or a color to make it more vibrant and colorful as well.

2) Create a safe nap or sleep zone: Sleep time is an essential time for babies and toddlers as it is their time to catch up with growth fairy. Having a good sleep at night or in the day increases your baby’s growth. Get in touch with your contractor make some changes in the nursery or your bedroom to make the sleep time more fun for your baby. You can easily get beds, cribs, beds attachment etc. customized as per your preference and liking.

3) Babies love to run anywhere and everywhere: Babies are little explorer since birth. Once they start crawling and walking it is difficult to keep them at one place. Make sure to get security gate installed anywhere it is required. Along with above-mentioned points here are few other things which you can ask to be done from your interior decoration contractor to make your house a happy place for you and your little one:

1. Install safety guards across entries to stairs and balconies.

2. Durable picture hooks to prevent it from falling off the wall.

3. Secure the electronic cords away.

Following above-mentioned points, one can make the house baby proofed and keep it baby friendly too. No matter how much we try to protect our babies from fall, they will jump and fall; after all, kids are kids. Being a parent we can make sure that we keep those things away from the home which may cause bodily harms. Make sure you supervise your babies all the time; these safety measures will help in keeping your baby safe but your presence is essential. If you are looking for reliable and qualified interior decorators then please click here


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