Having crossed 100,000 downloads, Spini is now easier to use.

We at Spini are proud to announce that we have officially crossed 100,000 downloads of our Google application. You have encouraged us to grow with each passing day. As a thank you, in addition to the awesome offers you’ve been getting for posting your leads, we have decided to make it easier for all of you to use Spini.

For those who aren’t comfortable using the app on your phones, you can now post genuine leads through the website: www.getspini.com. The process is very simple and will keep time spent to a minimum. Now your not-so mobile friendly relatives can make use of all the information they have — be it someone wanting to buy a flat or organize a party or getting insurance from a trusted agent — into something that is rewarding.

If you’re not comfortable with smartphones or computers, you can now give us a missed call at 8682800800 and our team will get in touch with you to post your lead and give you the helping hand you need. We’ll handle it from start to finish. So if your daughter needs a makeup artist for her wedding, your son wants to buy a bike or your husband wants to plan a trip, don’t look elsewhere.

If you’re just plain lazy, we’re here for you too. Just send a text to 8682800800 on Whatsapp, and we will get in touch with you. Your leads will find fruition through our trusted team at www.getspini.com. It’s also an effective way to make some extra money for finding vendors in getting the best insurance policy, electronic equipment and other services.

So what are you waiting for? Let people around you also know how information can reap rewards.Visit us at www.getspini.com or call/SMS/WhatApp us on 8682800800 now!


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