This week we have Mrs Yesoda Venkatraman, VP Sales & Marketing, Hiranandani Communities, Oragadam, Chennai talk about the phobic topic “Sales”.
1. Have you always been in Selling?
Yes, I am a hardcore sales and marketing person in Real estate industry – this is a completely male dominated industry. You will find Women in the roles of Architects, PRO, customer relationship officer, receptionist here, but I am here. This is my 25th year in Chennai real estate industry. I think gender is immaterial if you are determined to be what you want to be. This is not feminism – but I feel women have a in-built knack in convincing the people more than men – they have better understanding and empathy.
I really like it when people get back to me saying ‘thank you, I got the property only because of you’. But I dint give them money to buy the house – I simply enabled them to take a decision. In 1988, it was extremely difficult to sell property in ECR, we sold per ground at 4Lakhs. Now the value is 1.5 to 2 crores.
2. Selling is the last option in our SWEP poll on the “Most preferred work from home option”… Why?
In Indian context , people think “What will others think about me if I sell”. I tell you, in today’s world nobody has time to think about others. But end of day you get money. I believe that money does not solve any problem, but if you have money most of the problem get solved!
Note that, Tupperware and Oriflame sales ladies made a lot of money!
You approach a friend and present what you have to sell.
If your friend has the need then they would buy.
We have to respect the person and not present the selling option again if the friend is not interested.
We have to know when to draw the line.
If I am a big brand like Hiranandani people approach us.
However, in Indirect selling you approach a client. Here draw up a list – who is your target segment, who all will be interested in buying from you. Make cold calls, write crisp email detailing your product,
And then remember the four important letters in selling.. its N.E.X.T – ‘next’. Don’t get dejected by the rejections and keep moving to the Next prospect. When you cut through the inhibitions everything is possible.
3. How did you first get into Selling?
I am a great fan of Ayn Rand. Seeing the character of Howard Roark , I always wanted to enter a construction industry while in college – feeling rebellious. Incidentally my father saw an ad for PRO in a construction company and suggested it to me. I grabbed the opportunity and made it. But I was given sales role – my father recommended that I take it as it was early in my career – do whatever comes your way. Then I liked it!But I went beyond it, I went to the construction site and learnt what was happening.
4. How is the real estate sales industry currently ?
Many people lots of money in real estate just by the power of investment. If one invested in 1990 , the investment doubled itself. You have to invest in property when real estate cost is real time low – Definitely trend will improve!
5. Your words of wisdom?
It is like swimming, if you want to learn swimming you have to get into the water. No use standing on the shore and say I want to learn swimming, I want to learn swimming.
Selling is just communication – you simply explain your product ingredients to the right audience.
Anything you do, do it with passion. Only when there is passion, things become easier.
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