Thinking to renovate your house?

Have you evaluated from various perspectives?

Passage of time withers a house as much as a face wrinkles, which would warrant a renovation.
Perhaps, the next generation taking ownership of the household would invariably lead to a remodeling.

If you could not stand complete renovation, are there any other options that you would want to evaluate – like renting a newer house as per your liking and renting out your outdated premises ?

Is there a pressing need to renovate ?

Is your living room unlivable without Air conditioning in summers? Partitioning of hall to accommodate an A/C might be unavoidable.
If you believe in Vaastu/Feng Sui and if that warrants in renovation, please do remember to get couple of extra Expert opinions before you begin the work. You would want to avoid re-work.
If you are adding a new room, remember to foresee 10 years down the line and keep avenues for open for further expansions.

Will a decor change suffice

Most of the old house blues could be chased away with a fresh coat of paint and a change of furnishings. Laying a Vinyl flooring or a wooden flooring over your old mosaic tile might do the trick. Move the sofa here and the TV there.. throw in a new carpet. Get rid of the clutter and see if you still have to renovate the house.

Full fledged remodeling of a house might drain tons of energy! Choose that time of your life where it could afford some upheaval. Avoid vacation time if children are going to be home full time.

Renovation of kitchen might last anywhere between a week to month depending upon the kind of work and contractor involved. Be prepared with alternate avenues for food. Do have a induction stove handy to boil milk etc.


If there is an alternate accommodation, evacuating the house for the duration of remodeling might be a great idea. If not, phasing out might help in the live continuity plan 🙂

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