Here is a comprehensive list of legal items to check and collect when buying a house.

For Under Construction Properties

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At the time of booking:

1. Check title and ownership of builder by checking the Sale Deed and Land Records before buying.

2. Whether builder has received Change of Land Use (CLU) Certificate from Agricultural to Residential

3. Whether Layout is approved by the development/ municipal authority

4. Check whether the Land Use is as per Master Plan of the city while buying.

5. Whether NoC & Clearances obtained from Environment, Electricity, Water, Fire and Safety Authorities

6. Whether Certificate of Commencement is received

7. Check terms of Allotment Letter

8. Check terms of Builder-Buyer Agreement and check penalty clause in the agreement

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After Construction Completion:

1. After completion of project, ask whether builder has received Completion Certificate

2. Check if builder received Occupancy Certificate before buying

3. After the complete payment, get your Sale Deed Registered

4. Collect Possession Certificate from builder before buying

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For Ready to Move In Properties :

1. Check Title Deed (Sale Deed) of seller

2. Check No Encumbrance Certificate to ensure that there are no encumbrances on the property.

3. NoC from Bank (in case there is a loan on property)

4. Share Certificate from Society (in case of cooperative housing society)

5. Entire Chain of Documents from first Sale Deed (Mother Deed)

6. Utility Bills & Tax Receipts up to date

7. Society Related Documents

8. Possession Certificate

9. NoC from Society

10. After the entire payment is made, get your Sale Deed registered

11. Get a new Share Certificate issued in your name from the society

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