Conversation with Home Entrepreneurs.

If you’re planning to start something from home and are in two-minds, here are success stories of home entrepreneurs who have made it big for themselves. While most home-entrepreneur are self financed some are also helped by their friends/family members too. The risk with these startups is less as you are your own boss.

“I am a home-baker and didn’t have much to invest on except for ingredients, some basic baking utensils and accessories. I have studied hotel management and after wedding my cooking was generally restricted to preparing only the daily supper.

But baking being my passion I still bake my daughter’s birthday cake every year and once all her friend’s parents asked me for the recipe and appreciated what I made. Slowly I started taking orders and I didn’t realize when I started becoming a professional home baker.

Today I have dessert jars, cup cakes, fondue cakes and a lot more. With a little bit of luck, dedication and a lot of support from my daughters today i have become popular in my social gathering as a home baker. This is a very proud feeling” says Charu Patel, home- baker

The pickles we make are slightly different from the traditional styles prepared here in the south. Many people tried my pickles, enjoyed the taste and always took some back home. I then started bottling these pickles and selling it to all my family and friends every summer.

Today I supply to quite a few departmental stores and grocery shops. I also post on Facebook and WhatsApp groups for new orders. I am happy to have changed my passion into a profession and at 50 I still follow my dreams” says Virisha Mehta, owner of Viri’s Pickles.


“I want to give my customers the best in the world and am passionate to carve a niche segment in my industry. An interior designer by profession, I take up projects through references. I have done over fifteen sites and have been getting orders from people who have seen and appreciated my work. It is really overwhelming to see that after marriage, I am still able to make my name in the industry.

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