Hi, I’m Ms. Lack of Prejudice. The meaning of my name is “only tolerance”. I think my name is quite apt for the job that I do and I wonder whether the job found me or if I prophetically found it.

So in a day I attend to countless calls (I’ve actually tried counting, but always lose track) and in a day I also manage to repeat the same thing on these countless calls so much so that when I realise I’ve said something different, I go into shock for a few seconds wondering if I’ve given the wrong information but then that’s just one of those good days.

Since we are required to verify the leads posted on www.getspini.com from many cities in India and connect sales professionals, the task is not easy. Next to me there is another Mr Lack of Prejudice trying hard to convince the sales professionals in several languages and sometimes when I’m attending a customer call, I laugh out loud as my friend would have already repeated the same question in five different languages in the same calm manner. Yes lack of prejudice also has its perks.


I also get calls from people speaking languages that I don’t know and sometimes before I transfer the call, the customer and I would have had a hilarious conversation where both of us would have spoken completely random things trying to find a common language.

Sometimes the leads posted on our app are quite hilarious. We’ve had leads like “Married couple looking for Divya” , “A family wants to eat”, “an individual wants to buy clothes”; and calling up to verify these leads makes it all the more fun. So there you go..an account of an eventful, interesting day in the life of all Customer Support executives

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