Wandering in the jostle of Chennai under the scorching sun was making Ramesh’s life difficult. A real estate sales agent, Ramesh came to Chennai in search of a career which looked settled as he took up an offer with the country’s largest real estate firm.

Verbose he was, the sales training sessions made his career look promising but the reality was in stark contrast. He was working over 12 hours a day with Sundays being no exception.

Roaming in the sun to meet clients was not an easy task. Almost all his property visits were scheduled on Sundays which took a beating on his work-life balance. On top of everything, his targets were revised every month! This steep incline in the numbers with the manager’s occasional threats and no-help attitude was making his life a living hell. The prospects he generated were turning cold. Even the CRM solutions he was provided with turned to be a negligible solace.

CRM was consuming most of his time which otherwise could have been used for prospect identification. In between his commutes to meet clients or after a hectic day in the sun, he would spend at least a couple of hours, adding stats and numbers into it. Instead of helping him improve his sales efficiency with leads and prospects of any sort, this was just helping his manager to question his progress in sales numbers. If only there was a tool that could help him out?

When everyone in Chennai is longing for a cool shower to bring down the heat, Ramesh is looking for raining opportunities to meet his target for the month. If not he won’t get his incentives and his peanut salary wouldn’t get him anywhere. Will there be a surprise shower in his turf this month?

Oh sure… here is “spini” – an information and co-broking marketplace that helps with qualified leads and business opportunities!

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