The internet is growing at the speed of light in today’s world with new apps storming the virtual world faster than you can even blink. Social media forms the formidable backbone of the internet.

Social media can be the best way to expand your network. There are quite a few really interesting ways to build your network using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other popular sites.

Connect with your friends on Facebook, the largest social networking site of today to build a social network that includes not just your friends, but also stay in touch with your colleagues and build relationships with contacts you make during a meeting or occasion.

Building an active network, helps establish a list of contacts, which you may require at a later point of time for any personal or professional requirements.


It’s important to stay connected with your school friends, work colleagues, kith and kin; this new networking platform allows greater connectivity with people who are interested in the same things as you. This networking site allows for a community, which brings you, closer to like-minded people to share your thoughts with and hence generate more followers.

LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing professional networking sites. Essential difference is that it lists your skills and qualifications and publicizes this information on the internet which helps build trust. LinkedIn can also be used to get more people interested in your work and promote your skills.

Spini is a marketplace where people refer leads and salespersons bid for and buy those leads. If you know a friend or colleague who is planning to buy/rent Real Estate, or is looking for a loan, or is renovating his office/residence or is planning to buy insurance you can post the information on Spini and qualified salespersons will offer to buy the information from you.

Social networking today is an integral part of your career development and Spini has made it that that much easier to leverage on the information flow happening through your network.

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