Well, we are aiming to be “Digital India”. Many people are enthusiastic about being a part of this hype.

I want to ask you all, do you even think a home maker can contribute to this country’s growth with her bright ideas.?

How many productive hours of bright women are being wasted everyday as they do not have the right platform to showcase their talent.? Can someone calculate this?

What about those who are willing to work towards a career with responsibility of kids, but see no opportunities around?

If all this time is directed towards individual growth of ambitious home makers, it will surely accelerate the country’s growth.. I am sure that many homemakers echo my thoughts.

I understand that we have evolved into a land of opportunities in these 5 years.Yes, half a decade when I forgot what is to be working like. The numerous nights I was with my child nursing him, playing with him, showering him with kisses, taking care when he was unwell.

A lot had changed meanwhile. I realize my 20s are gone. I am now 30 year old.

He became a Pre-Primary kid who is more interested in gadgets, playing and studying, than in me.

Also it strikes me hard that I have always been a dreamer. Wanting to travel the world over, get the most beautiful clothes for myself, and make a name for myself wherever I work.

What happened to all these?

It was my choice to look after my baby all day. That is the decision made according to my wish. I did not want to miss a single moment of his smiling, walking, talking, playing or crawling. I enjoyed it so much! His childhood will never come back and I am glad to have made that choice.

Now everything boiled down to me. What about me now? Will I let my dreams die?

I want to study further for a major plunge in career and enjoy life. It needs some investment.

Though hubby dearest is all the more willing to take my burdens gladly, I think it is unfair on my part to put all responsibility on him.

So my hunt started. Even as the baby was younger, I was trying my best to start earning from home. All I got was content writing jobs where the employer gave my content to a third party, I was unpaid, my content still is used by others. Some jobs asked for a hefty investment.

We need genuine jobs which do not require any investment. Use our intellect, ideas, skills and pay us. That is what we homemakers can do.

It ‘s a great feeling to use my Smartphone to EARN than spend on useless shopping Apps.

Now I am preparing for my exams in the early morning hours, working from home in the noon with Spini App, and shopping in the weekends with MY money. I am motivated by the earnings and support from Team Spini and putting my best efforts.

Also, I am not compromising on my kid’s childhood or health for my own dreams.

Guilt-free and happy me!

I am now a Community Manager with Spini and very happy to be a part of this country’s first earning App spreading it’s wings to different cities.

It is not just a source of income. It could be a full-fledged career too.

Please share your thoughts with us and visit www.getspini.com  for opportunities.

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