Time for retirement?

64 years old and retired. The law says I cannot work at this age but my mind and body are still active. I still have a good six years of service left in me.

But no, nobody will listen to me. Neither my wife and children, nor will the bank where I served for 30 years. I must rest. I must do what I liked to do. Rekindle my hobbies. Catch up with friends. Take walks. Read the paper. Spend time with the grandchildren. Sigh! I did it all with zest and gusto as soon as I retired. But now, none of this excites me. Except for the ‘spend time with grandchildren’ part.

What nobody knows is that I am onto something that will keep me occupied as well as give me financial freedom. Every day at 5.30 pm I take my umbrella and a bottle of water and leave for my walk at the Marina Beach. It is the usual every day. Evening walkers, kids learning to roller skate, young couples and families. When you go there as often as I do, you start recognizing the routine of the regulars. Like the mother, who leaves her son for roller skate class and catches up with her friends while waiting for him to finish.

I wave out to the familiar faces and by 6.30 pm, when I am done with my walk, all the regulars have gathered at the tea stall for hot bajjis and coffee. A regular routine with us evening walkers. By 7pm, I have started on my way home and on the way back, I log into Spini.

Spini was introduced to me by my college going grandchild. Spini is an online platform that brings together verified sales professionals and people who can refer them contacts to pursue. It’s a simple and engaging app that does not require any technical know how.

I upload details of all those evening walkers who are looking for real estate space to buy / rent, mortgages or interior decorators to do up their homes and offices. If any sales professional finds the information suitable, he offers me a price for the contact. After that he contacts the person whose details I have shared.

As I enter the house at 7.30 pm, nobody is any wiser and my secret is safe with my grandchild.

The money is good and I have started to save up for a surprise vacation for my wife on her sixtieth birthday.

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