Hi! I am a 30 year old middle level executive working in a private bank. My corporate life is hectic with a 9 to 6 job. Five days a week. Thank God for small mercies that my Saturdays are off. Others don’t have it that easy. It’s a rat race. Office, pressure, EMIs, home loan, Vehicle loan, medical bills, rentals and the rising cost of food and fuel. Phew!

Add to that the expenses of a new baby. With my wife quitting work to take care of the baby, the income is stretched to the last rupee.

But life has been good to me. I have a wonderful wife and kid. My parents are living independently back home in Hosur. Good investments made by my father ensure that they live comfortably. I have a well-paying job. I am the life of every office party. The go to Mr. Nice guy.

Even though we manage to make our ends meet, I could do with some small luxuries. Like buying my wife that OTG to get her restarted on her baking hobby. She makes scrumptious brownies. The house needs a new coat of paint.  I could do with just a little extra money without taking up another job.

And that’s when I got to know of Spini. Spini is an app available on Android and iphone. It is an online marketplace that brings together sales professionals and people like me who can provide them with contacts of potential and genuine customers. Every sales professional and contact provider is checked and authenticated by the dedicated team of Spini. The potential customer information provided by me is listed. If the sales professional finds the lead interesting, he offers me a price for the information and gets in touch with my contact.

The money is good and helps me to pay for the small luxuries. My wife got her OTG. She now has orders for her brownies. And the house has a fresh coat of paint.

You too can make an extra income through Spini. It’s available on both iPhone and Android for free download.


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Spini is now for everyone!


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