New City .

The moment my friends and relatives got to know that I got admission into a prominent college in Chennai, there was panic. Right from language barrier to bad roads to rude auto drivers, everything that can go wrong was detailed out to me.

Everybody discouraged me from going. Except for my father. He knew this course was my dream and it wasn’t available in Bhopal. His only advice to me was to go with the flow.

I left with his words and lots of dreams for my future. Chennai. Here I was, at the railway station. I was surrounded by auto drivers and taxi drivers looking for customers.

I found a policeman, told him that I am new to the city. He quickly got me a ride, spoke to the auto driver, negotiated the fare and asked me to pay once I reach the destination.

As per the arrangement, I had to stay at a distant relative’s home till I found a place to stay. The next day, my cousin dropped me off at college. He said people are friendly here as long as I don’t behave like a superior being from an outer planet. Like I needed a lesson in humility from my cousin. Nevertheless, I decided to listen to him.

I checked with the other guys in class once we all settled down. The chap who sits next to me is Suresh. Impeccable English, well read and intelligent. I was taken aback when he said he could converse in Hindi! When I mentioned to him that I was looking for a place to stay, he said there was an app called Spini on Apple Store and Google Playstore where he could get me a good broker. I was hesitant, I didn’t want my phone number in the hands of pesky brokers.

He assured me that my contact will be shared with brokers whose background had been verified by the Spini team before allowing them to access leads on the platform. He said Spini is a platform that brings together sales professionals and people who can give them access to leads. I remembered my father’s and cousin’s words. I relented.

He put details of the kind of house I was looking for on the app. Soon a broker contacted him, got some clarification and offered money to Suresh for my contact details. Can you believe that?! They both agreed on a price and soon the broker called me. He understood what I was looking for. We communicated in English. He was unlike the usual persistent brokers.  I found a nice place to stay close to the college. Spini transferred the money for the contact details to Suresh. And we had a hearty meal and watched couple of movies with that money.

I am now on Spini. Sharing details of people who are looking for real estate, mortgages and even interior solutions. I get to make good pocket money to meet my entertainment expenses.

The city which everybody said would be hostile to a newcomer has embraced me as its own.

I am going to shed a whole lot of tears when it’s time to leave.

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