Checklist to apply for a personal loan

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Proofs and documents that are required vary from bank to bank, type of loan and from one customer to another. But has put together a list of things to keep in mind before you approach a bank.

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You need to:

1. Be a salaried individual

2. Over 21 years of age

3. Be a individual with a net monthly income of Rs 15,000

4. Get a loan amount of less than Rs 15 lakh

checklist of items before getting a loan

Documents you need to keep ready:

1. Photograph

2. ID Proof

3. Age Proof

4. Bank Statement

5. Proof of Income

6. Proof of Residence

7. Signature Proof

8. Post-dated Cheques

For your own benefit, learn about: 

1. The rate of interest at the bank of your choice

2. Your repayment schedule

3. Your EMI

In most cases, banks will revert to loan applications within 30 days. So give yourself that window

infographic showing different stages in the loan process

Other kinds of loans you can avail:

1. Car Loan

2. Gold Loan

3. Education Loan

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4. Loan against Property, Securities, Fixed Deposit and Shares

5. Business Loan

Get in touch with a banking expert and get loan advice on today!

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