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Historically painting of homes have been triggered:

Based on Event:

Most part of India have had the practice of whitewashing the house after any of its inmate’s death. This was followed compulsorily in households across the social strata. Painting the house new was probably a psychological way to bid adieu to its resident, brighten the house after the damp mood or a possible way to sterilise the house in case of having a diseased deceased.

Marriages, child birth, girls attaining of age were also events that affluent Indians considered as a sign to paint their houses.

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50 years before, people considered white washing a yearly ritual. Every pongal (yearly harvest festival), entire villages whitewashed their houses. This whitewashing was usually DIY (Do-It-Yourself) activity.

In today’s scenario there is an additional category – “Whim based”.

If life becomes boring and if one seeks a change in environment, a repaint of house with a different hue creates a nice change for one.


Frequency of painting the house has decreased dramatically with the advent of Distemper and paints. From our own internal research we have observed that people repaint houses on the average of 5 years. Of course special events like marriage warrant a repaint.

When to repaint entirely depends upon the individual’s current preference. If its just for a mood change, one could consider changing the soft furnishings like window curtains and cushion covers to achieve a make-over.

If one thinks that the walls have become dirty, washing with a gentle scrub and soft soap can do wonders. Please do remember to do a patch test in a corner before embarking on a full fledged cleaning.

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If painting is needed because of kids scribbling, do trying using some products like Cif on the crayons. Sketch pen stains are the most stubborn which even a coat of painting finds difficult to hide.

Some of the leading paint brands in India now offer 5 year warranty on interior painting. With the pain involved in the house hold going to a standstill during a house repaint, it makes sense to stretch the duration. But living in a need-a-paint-coat-urgently house could be depressing too. So, one needs to strike a fine balance. Happy painting!

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