Pocket money is essential for everyone.

“I can buy whatever I want, how much ever it costs” – I so wish I could say this. There are many “wants” that I have. But my household “needs” often put back my “wants” in the back burner.

So, I have devised a method to satisfy my wants without compromising on my needs – Its having Pocket money for myself!

In my youth, I never got pocket money from my family. My parents paid for what I had asked and got what I wanted – of course within reasonable limits. I had always been intrigued by this concept of having pocket money. How nice it would be to have some money at your disposal and you could do whatever you wanted… Ok coming back to what I was saying.

I read somewhere that today’s youth have deeper pockets and their pocket money averages around Rs 6000 per month. Being a earning member I decided to up my pocket money to Rs 10,000.

I could now go to nicer salon without a guilt trip, I could buy the branded laptop bag I had always wanted, I could save a few month’s pocket money to book a getaway in the presidential suite of my dream beach resort.

But then I had a problem, my salary is budgeted out to the last rupee already and there is no way I could squeeze out 10K from it. So, earning the extra income for my pocket money is the only way oSo, I researched on various part-time income sources and picked up what suited my taste and temperament. I registered in various freelance crowd sourcing websites, dabbled in selling the photos I take via crowd sourcing websites… and tried various other stuff.

I now have a steady extra income for pocket money from the mobile app Spini. I still have not reached the Rs10,000 target pocket money, from slowly on the way of reaching it.

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