The tradition of applying bridal mehendi is now an intrinsic part of many Indian weddings, making it a gala time for the bride, her family and friends to bond and party before the big day.

The belief is, the darker your mehendi, the more you love your husband. Skilled bridal mehendi artists can use anything from intricate designs to Arab and Indian designs. They even work in the name of the bridegroom into the design.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you get mehendi done: 

1. Find a good bridal mehendi artist a couple of weeks before the function and take a look at their design books to find what you want. Tell them exactly what you want and how many people there will be at the function. Use to find a good mehendi artist within your budget.

2. Get plenty of rest before the function. It will take a while for the mehendi to dry.

3. Go easy on the liquids.

4. Wear a comfortable sleeveless dress.

5. Ensure the mehendi used is fresh by instructing the mehendi artist to do so.

6. Ensure your skin is dry and not covered with cream or oil or sunblock lotion. It prevents the mehendi from being absorbed.

7. Try not to move around too much. It may smudge the design.

8. All the waxing, threading, shaving, pedicures and manicures should be done prior to the mehendi

With at least 24 hours head start, there will be enough time for the mehendi to dry and for the colour to come out. For better results, get someone to sprinkle sugar and lemon juice over the drying mehendi. Instead of washing it off, let the dried mehendi peel off. You can be sure to get some beautiful results when you wake up the next day.

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