Just four months into its launch in the Country the marketplace mobile application for sales information crosses 10,000 users with maximum downloads from Hyderabad with just word of mouth publicity

With a recent S$1 Million VC funding, Spini is eyeing an aggressive growth strategy in South India by pioneering a radical shift in Connecting People with the Right Information at the Right Time – to make extra cash

Hyderabad, XX October, 2015: Spini, India’s first market place mobile application has announced its official entry into Hyderabad, in line with its aggressive strategy to expand in South India before exploring other parts of the Country.

Headquartered in India out of Chennai, TN, the real time information providing app has witnessed a surge in demand for its unique proposition of earning money by selling information, with more than 10,000 downloads within 4 months of its India launch. Available for free download on Apple Store and Google Play, Spini is the only app that allows users to make money from anywhere, anytime.

Connecting people with the right information at the right time through our apps, Spini is a marketplace that opens up a new horizon of business opportunities for referrers and salespersons. Spini launched operations in June this year having raised funding of S$1 Million from Walden International which is also an early investor in BankBazzar to fuel India expansion and continuous development of its patented platform.

Spini offers its users the platform to make money on information they hold and the salesperson in turn gains a qualified lead where his chances of closing the sale are much higher and his productivity increases. Being a marketplace, people can post information related to a customer planning for a purchase and salesperson bid for and buy those as leads.

As opposed to popular online sites that help you just post information on Property/Real Estate, Renovation, Loans/Mortgages related queries, on Spini, one can earn money by simply referring a lead that he/she might have received from a friend, colleague or acquaintance, and earn money by bidding it among agents who have registered themselves on Spini.

While anyone, a student or a homemaker or a working professional can post the lead they possess, agents on the other hand stand to benefit from Spini’s expertise in allowing users to upload only genuine and verified leads to save time and effort.

“When you look at the app world today, you are clearly spoiled for choice with the kind of applications that are available at your disposal. While majority of them cater to the most pertinent desire for convenience, Spini has just made the experience more worthwhile while helping you earn some easy money through it.

An Interior Decorator in Chennai has registered with Spini and manged to get business worth 25 lakhs under a month’s time through the verified leads he received on our platform. Among many other referrers, a homemaker has earned 3000 and a working professional has earned 2000 by sharing their information on Spini. The referrer in this case could be you or me in possession of trivial information that we gather in our day to day conversation but can be very useful for someone else and would like to buy that from you.

It has been an encouraging experience to witness traction among the southern part of the country. In fact the traction we have received in Hyderabad, only through word of mouth has helped us get record number of downloads in the least expected time. We are actively looking at spreading our wings to expand our user base in the north as well by end of 2015.” said Shankar G, Co-founder & CEO, Spini

Spini offers a seamless yet streamlined customer experience that is both private and secure. Referrers have the option of observing anonymity while engaging in private chats with the bidders for their information while agents have the privilege of accessing a platform full of leads that is verified and one that provides transparency in the bidding process with an easy payment process.

Features of Spini Application:
Qualified leads with authenticity verification
Anonymity feature to provide safety for users
Incognito chat with bidders
Easy to use payment process with upfront payment confirmations
Reverse auction based bidding and offer acceptances
Real time notifications on lead generated interest

“The India launch seems to be taking pragmatic strides and we look forward to grow the India operations further. Given the market maturity and the increasing adoption of smart personal technologies for improved life quality, we are confident that India will emerge as one of our biggest and strongest markets in the years to come. With a technically sound team spread across Chennai and Bangalore, we are certain that the India operations team can play a pivotal role in our expansion in other countries in South East Asia soon ,” said Eddie Chau, Co-founder & amp; Chairman, Spini.

About Spini 

Established in 2014,Spini was co-founded by Mr Eddie Chau, Mr Shankar G and Mr Chong-Kian Soh in Singapore with India operations headquartered in Chennai. Spini is a revolutionary referral platform and an online marketplace where sales persons can source qualified sales leads and anyone can monetize information.

Sales information on verticals like real estate, mortgage/loan, insurance and renovation will be available on Spini to start with. Connecting people with the right information at the right time through our apps, Spini is a marketplace that opens up a new horizon of business opportunities for referrers and salespersons. At Spini, we are passionate about leveraging every day information and deriving the value out of it.

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