Lakshmi Arun is a classical dancer and a fitness professional, someone who could merge her passion with career. She is a personal trainer certified by American Council on Exercise, group fitness instructor certified by Reebok, as well as instructor of Zumba and Yoga. She has also done courses in kickboxing group sessions. She keeps updating herself with courses on the fitness and lifestyle. She is also part of SWEP FB group! So, you can interact with her via comments section below if there is anything you would like to ask her.

1. Can you brief on your work?

Currently I am based in Dubai. I take classes here and also own a fitness studio for ladies in Palakkad, Kerala. I am in the process of setting up a fitness studio in Kochin, Kerala. I am a trained classical dancer and do contemporary dance performances in Dubai and India.

2. What inspired you to choose this path?

I got married when I was 18 and was not working for a while. Later when I started working, I realized that I was unhealthy at 23. I used to admire moms who were fit n trim. I was a regular reader of the magazine, Prevention. I happened to see an article and was inspired by a success story on weight loss and how she became a fitness instructor later on. I being at Palakkad and attending a professional course in fitness , especially with my family background, was unimaginable. But I kept my eyes and heart open on the possibilities. It took 5 years of enquiring about the course and getting permission from my family to pack my bags and go to Bangalore to do my first course in fitness .From there on it was a wonderful journey of learning, practicing and doing one course after the other in the industry. I being a college drop out had only one thing in mind that I want my daughters to see me happy and successful – both personally and professionally.

3. Most women tend to neglect their health and grooming once they become mothers. What do you have to say to women with respect to taking care of themselves?

I still believe that for women inner beauty is more important than the outer. Groom yourself, take care of your health and be fit for yourself. Being fit is a great feeling. We can start with even 5 mints a day. Take that extra step. Keep yourself active. Inactivity over a period of time will make your muscles weak and your metabolism drops. Bone strength also decreases and we gradually become tired and lazy. One good thing about fitness is that you can reverse it at any given point of time. There is no time machine to travel through time for becoming younger in your age but you can change your body’s age any time you start putting in effort.

4. How do you balance work and home?

I love my home and time with my family and I am very particular about the cleanliness of my house. I like to cook and do things for my husband and kids. My work is hectic at times and when I have dance programs it is even more hectic but thanks to my family, especially my husband who helps me with everything when I need that support. Without that support you can’t do anything.

5. How did you feel building up your career based on your passion?

Amazing. It was a tough journey initially because I used to travel to Bangalore on every weekend to finish my course and on week days I used to work in schools and clubs to meet my course fee. Thanks to the Almighty and my parents who believed in me and stood by me, through my thicks and thins. Now it had been 7 years since my passion is my work. I would say, it’s the best feeling when you can touch many lives positively.


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