Sulokshana manages the Finance and Merchandising department at her husband’s garment export business – Aruna clothing company.

Hello Sulokshana, describe your career journey for us.
I was married immediately after my undergraduation.
At 20, I was learning the arts of home management at inlaws. We are a big family.
My husband was a huge support in getting myself enrolled in a Fashion designing course.
I then started a boutique with a good friend of mine. We had it running successfully for four years (not including my motherhood break).
When my friend relocated to the US, my focus extended to my husband’s newly launched garments business.
2. What is your advice to women who are contemplating to start their own clothing boutique?
There will a demand for clothing as long as we wear dresses. So, even with mushrooming of boutiques there is still ample opportunity out there. Just Creativity and common sense will take you places. But if you want to make it big, NEVER GO WITH A TREND, CREATE ONE.
3. What are the challenges we are likely to face?
 a) Getting skilled talent – finding the perfect cutting master, tailoring master
b) Financial backup – be ready to pump money into the business for the first 6 to 8 months. That is when businesses usually break even.
c) Dont be scared and give up. Be positive and motivated
4. Is there any work from home flexi-work opportunities in the garments export industry?
Indeed yes. Merchandising is a pretty high profile work that can be done from home. So is being middle(wo)men – Link up Bulk buyers with a manufacturers and earn a commission.
Merchandising is however staying throughout the deal end to end. Merchandising is building reputation of the work you do over the years or over customers
Another lucrative option is to sell the seconds/surplus from manufacturer.
Aruna clothing company manufactures for leading brands and we would be happy to evaluate and engage any SWEP member who might be interested in this.
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