“I am a home maker and live in a gated residential community. We have lots of families living together in the neighborhood. We ladies meet every day for our usual 1 hour time-out from home for a casual walk and also have a lot of small talks.

From maids to kids education to basic home requirements, family issues or business talks, the list is endless. I got introduced to Spini, a mobile app through my husband, which pays me for any good information. I downloaded the app but didn’t really use it at first.

As days passed by our evening walk conversations kept growing. I had a thought one day,  that everyone wants to buy something or the other all the time. One of my friend wanted to buy a new house on loan. This information was of no use to me until my husband told me to put this information in this new brilliant app called SPINI.”

“I decided to earn some money on this information with this very user friendly app. I posted two leads, one was about looking for a new house with the location and budget mentioned by my friend and the next being home loans for the same flat, both leads being verified by SPINI agents. Then approved Real estate agents and loan agents got in touch with my friend and helped her buy a house and I got paid for providing that information.

The App is very easy to learn even for a non-tech savvy person like me, and I was able to collect a lot of useful data from my friends and got them a good resource and some pocket money for myself! Now my friends are happy and so am I. I feel independent, and have started saving money to even start a small business of my own!”

“Do not let commitment be a constraint for independence, download this app and earn money by furnishing it with proper leads! A rented property or a house to sell, a house to redecorate or even a life insurance, sell any type of information and earn with SPINI.”

Reference :

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Singapore Based Startup Spini Sets Up Base In India


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