Spinning Success with SPINI!

Spinning Success !

Take a Sneak Peek at our Spini users who have made money just through networking and a smart phone! Become an infopreneur today, earn & refer with Spini.

Does your friend want to buy a land? Guru posted this information on Spini and earned Rs.12000 for this lead from a real estate agent! Help your friend get an agent for purchasing the land and some money in your pocket for this information! Is your boss looking at a new office? Earn some brownie points with your boss by referring him to an agent through our Spini App, while you earn some money for referring the lead too! Are you a startup looking for an office space?

Or has your friend started one? Help your friend by referring them on Spini and get authenticated leads and assured money! Is your family renovating your house? Connect them to a qualified Interior Decorator through Spini and earn some cash for this referral. Sounds interesting? Looking for reliable security systems? Post your requirement on Spini and get a secure lead along with some extra cash for in hand for this information! Our success stories speaks volumes on the type of users we have downloaded our app everyday, and the benefits for the sales professionals and other agents. Download our app and know more to refer and earn with ease!

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