Hey awesome moms!

Today I have decided to fire my maid. She is doing everything so half heartedly. Frequently absent and going on with some self-talk every time I ask her to clean things better..

I understand that many of us quit careers for kids ,and when we want to go back to full fledged careers outside of home, we receive little or no help. Cranky maids, no baby sitters and out of town elders make it so difficult for us to work peacefully in the office.

Thank God for good day care centers, we have some peace of mind.

It’s totally fine if you have to work full time in an office, but if you have the choice, work from home is a good option with the right employer.

1.Cut down the commuting

You need not travel in the chaotic traffic everyday at a maddening pace. Instead, grab your cuppa chai, sit back, relax, and start working.

2.Dressing up for office

I love it, only when I go to the office, may be once a week. Otherwise, it saves a lot of time which I can spend on my work at home. Trust me, it is really good to work on my laptop wearing my favourite mismatched t-shirt and pyjamas.

3.Kids health

There are some unpredictable health issues kids can have. Though many MNCs have flexible policies for moms, it is limited according to the urgency of work to be done. We can just relax an take care of the kid instead of worrying about the leaves. Also, I save money on kid’s day care in terms of fee per hour. It is good to send kids for limited time day care than entire day. It gives us our ME time and kids too enjoy coming home soon..

Often you are your own boss in WFH jobs. We have to be working on time, multi-task , and handle clients on our own. Many women agree that they have developed better time-sense, and learnt to value time.


Genuine Work from home jobs usually employ limited number of people and value their employees. It is evident in their flexibility.


One can work any time from home for any number of hours. There is usually no fixed timings.The earnings depend on the volume of work we undertake.

7.Hot lunch.!

We can enjoy that home cooked lunch everyday before it gets cold. We all know that home cooked food tastes better than office meals most of the time.


Women take guilt trips more often than the usual trips! If we choose to work from home we have time to take better care of home and kids.


Working from home gives us a sneak peek into how life is going to be once we restart our career. We come across domestic problems like maids, fixing things at home etc.By the time we decide about working full time or opt for a conventional job, we already know how to handle things. Also, kids have ample time to adjust to the fact that mom is a career woman.

10.Better utilization of skills.

Though I worked for one of the world’s best companies earlier, their pre-defined job requirements could not take advantage of my communication skills. Usually work from home jobs require us to do more than just data entry. We can do content writing, speak to people, share ideas, and it is so refreshing.

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