Traveling is exploring yourself and for that you need some travel tips . On a daily basis, we explore a minute fraction of this world. The world is vast and we are all small beings in this vast and abundant world.

The world is beautiful. The world is colourful. The world has a lot to show us. I’m sure while exploring this magnificent world you will want to make sure everything is right. These are a few essential things to keep in mind while traveling :

1. Make sure to check your departure date and time. Arrive at-least an hour before your departure if it is a domestic flight and three hours before if it is an international flight.

2. Make a photo copy of your flight tickets – keep separate. Make a photo copy of  your passport and credit card numbers and keep them separate from your passport and credit cards – give a copy to your family.

3. Mark all your bags inside and out with your name and address – both home address and your foreign address.

4. Bring two passport size photos and a photocopy of your Identity proof, just in case you lose your passport.

5. Carry all the necessary toiletries, sufficient amount of clothes, adapters and chargers. Also carry an extra pair of clothes in your hand luggage,just in case you lose your baggage.

6. Make sure to split the money you carry into different bags. This is necessary because if by chance you lose your wallet/handbag, you still have money in your other baggage.

7. Pack medicines that you think you will require as you may not get the medicine in the place that you are traveling.

8. Check reviews of the hotel that you will be staying in before booking it.

9. Download the local food and transport apps for convenience.

10. Most importantly, respect the people of that city/country. Be nice to them and learn about their culture and customs.

To get reputed travel agents to plan your travel, visit . There is a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Bon-Voyage! 🙂


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