Tuition is a generations old work from home option pursued by women very successfully.

There are a couple of basic requirements for conducting tuition:

1. You don’t hate kids

The first time perhaps a parent will drag the child to your class. But for the subsequent sessions, the child might have a certain say if she wants to continue with you.

So the first requirement to conduct tuition classes would be to not be a child-hater. Nothing beats it if you genuinely love children.

2. There is a place (your living room should suffice) to conduct tuition

Real estate is the major deterrent for people looking to start tuition. Even if your living room is good enough to accommodate your clientele, your neighbors should be fairly I-dont-mind-types. You should maintain the crowd extremely well, no noise disturbance, take care of parent’s parking woes etc.

3. You don’t have everyday evening program in your calendar

If you have a packed week full of evening classes for your own kid, you need a support system to help you. But anyways its upto you to design the time table, so you can choose to be when you need your own time for the evening. And yes, your days will start revolving around this schedule.

4. There is something of value that you can actually teach a child

Of course, you need to be a Subject matter expert – be it academics tuition, dance, music, handwriting etc etc.

You can start on your own or get a franchise of a centre if you can manage some investment.

For folks who are comfortable with math, “Cuemath” is hot right now – you can operate from your home as center. They are providing all the teaching material and equip you with a multi-channel approach to teach math in the best way. They provide training and marketing support too. Revenue sharing is 60:40, with you getting 60%. Students will be charged around Rs 1600 per month. This information is true as of March 2017. Please check with them directly in case of any queries check¬†

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