I want to work for myself! Is this what keeps coming to your mind? But worried about how to attract customers ? Then you are on the right blog. 

Here are 5 simple and powerful ways to attract customers.

How to attract customers step 1: Start with your circle -To start off you need to know how to attract customers in an effective way. When starting a business, it is always best to start with people you know: friends, relatives, ex-colleagues, all of them come handy when you think of selling your product or services. It not only helps you in getting immediate traction but also to improvise your product, pricing, etc through trust worthy feedbacks. Most importantly business grows through word of mouth and when your customers know you personally they will recommend it to their friends in a better way.

How to attract customers step 2: Selection of right customer audience – Marketing your product to the right audience ensures your efforts are streamlined to the right set of customers. If you market your products to varied set of audience, chances of getting good results are very less. Varied set of audience results in wastage of time and efforts without any returns. To be effective in this, one should know his or her business thoroughly. Do a SWOT analysis (Strength, weakness, opportunities and threat) this will help you realise what your strengths are and who you can cater to, in turn leading you to target the right set of customers.

How to attract customers step 3: Marketing Approach – Apart from word of mouth, it is also essential that you make people aware of your business existence to target customers outside your circle. People in and around your locality should be aware of your business. You can opt for events that happen locally in your locality like in apartments, malls, playgrounds etc. Get on Social media; in last 5 years social media has turned out to be a very powerful tool for marketing and customer attraction. If you have done the second step (i.e., targeting right set of audience) you would know where to market your products. Research to know where your customers are present Facebook, twitter, Instagram, tumblr etc are some places you can use depending on your target audience.

Example 1: If you have products and services targeted at young college crowd you should promote your business on Instagram and Tumblr.

Example 2: If you have products and services targeted at mothers, it can be promoted on various parenting groups and discussion forums on Facebook and twitter. Any target audience can be attracted through Facebook (Ways to promote your business on Facebook is a huge topic by itself). Whatsapp is also a powerful tool for engaging and promoting your business.

How to attract customers step 4: Understand your customer – It is essential for you to understand your customer’s needs and improvise your products and services as per the dynamic market trends. Offering good quality service at affordable prices is what attracts customers. Always target to start with minimal profit and once your brand value is established you can revise the prices. Cost-effective products and services attract more first time customers and converting them into a repeat customer lies in the quality and customer service you offer.

How to attract customers step 5: Offers – Free! Discount! Sale! India is a market driven by offers. There is a reason why big brands often give discounts and offers. Customers think twice before they decide to buy from a new brand. Give them an opportunity to try you out. By giving discounts and offers, you attract those customers who are thinking of buying but are not sure. Often giving them introductory prices, offers and discounts increase sales and lets more customers try your products and services. Any business in today’s world is completely customer focused. So to be successful one needs to learn the art of not just attracting customers but also retaining them.

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