Heady act converts big leads into customers

Business is an arena where we meet different people with different expectations (sometimes even strange). It is important to be smart enough to understand the nuances. Reading mind is the only magic that can ease the process of converting leads into customers. Fine, what is necessary after reading your lead’s mind?

Smart actions and catchy tactics (say appreciating their visit to your company, telling them that you can customize the service as per their requirements, showing your eagerness towards their business relationship and so on) always help us to handle everything with ease and get more customers. Another big chance to get customers is to attract them by announcing offers. Yes, emphatically this tactic helps you in converting leads in a big ratio. One more important thing that comes under converting leads into your valuable customers is handling sales enquiries.

Be ready round the clock to provide them prompt answers and solutions. Never take their enquiries for granted because it is one of the powerful ways to get more customers. Yet another way of getting customers is to contact them at the right place, right time and right day. Consider meeting them directly on their convenient day to showcase your service to them.

You can be successful if you meet them when the circumstances are ideal to get your service through (For ex: AC dealers can contact the leads on the hottest day which meets their need of the product and it can be on the starting of the month when they will also be financially fine to purchase the product). Come let us learn the magic to handle and win the big deals within few minutes. Here let us imagine different scenario and try to figure out the needs of the customer.

Scenario 1

A customer contacts or meets you with complete details of the product/service you are handling with but without much knowledge about its price

How to understand the customer needs within few minutes?

This type of customer will be aware of all technical details, its usage and importance. He/she will be unaware of the product/service categories available and their price values. They will be asking directly for the specific product and its price.

Here you can immediately win their deal by giving whatever they require. Price values can sometimes affect the deal that needs not much argument where you can make little adjustments as per customer wish without much loss in your total profit price. Even then if he/she is not satisfied you can update them with the vantages of the product/service that he specified.

Note: It is not recommended to showcase all your products/services to this type of customer as his/her mind will all set to the product/service they wish. If you do so there are big chances of losing the customer.

Scenario 2

A customer contacts you without much knowledge about the product but aware of the price details.

How to understand the customer needs within few minutes?

This type of customer will expect you to show them the product/service of their fixed price value. Even after showing varieties, they will be expecting you to come down to their price value. They sometimes even won’t accept for the product/service quality. This clearly gives you the picture about the quality of product they need and their focus is only on the fixed price list.

How to close the deal with the customer?

Customers who come with their own bill expect you to give the best at their price list. In such cases it is necessary to be tricky. Quality becomes a problem here. If the price is right with reference to quality, the deal can be finalized.

Scenario 3

A customer contacts you without any knowledge about technical and price values but he will be in damn need of the product/service.

How to understand the customer needs within minutes?

The customer will be approaching you with wavering mind whether he should go for the product or not of your company. This type of customer will not concentrate on only one thing (i.e.price or quality). They want everything to be in a mode to satisfy their needs.

How to close the deal with the customer?

Pay kind attention to their needs first. They won’t listen or understand your explanations if you start before even knowing their requirements. After getting a clear set, showcase only the product/service they require. It is not recommended to here to showcase much that will lead you to unnecessary loss of the deal. He definitely will satisfy only when your product/service explanation satisfies his exact needs. Converting leads into customers within 5 minutes requires a little bit of firmness, empathy, and flexibility to some extent as per your customer’s requirements.

There are high possibilities that you can face more different and intriguing and exacting circumstances other than the above explained ones. Whatever the status, it is always within your powers to devise plans and implement your own strategies and methods as guided by your leads. Get more customers by attracting them with your special qualities (some customers may accept your service if you are positive, hardworking and also some believe in luck).

Hit the target with your positive energy and approach and convert leads into customers very easily. Never step back anywhere. Even if their requirements are irrelevant to your service, make them understand what advantages that your package of service has. Make your customers realize how important it is to have business relationship with them in all the ways. Value your customer meeting plans and timings. Have a good contact with them and be in their mind always whenever they need you.

Simple adjustments and hard working with positive approach brings you more customers. All the best!

Have great days ahead!

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