1. Please introduce yourself.

Hi I am Dr.Aruna Ramachandran, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany
Thiagarajar College

Along with teaching, my passion is to create awareness on environment related issues like plastic awareness, water conservation, water recycling, awareness on degradable and non degradable waste segregation.

Other than this I love to take people for trekking, help them identify plants, butterflies and birds

I organise a program called tree walk, in that one can learn about the importance of native and exotic trees, its uses, if exotic – the purpose of the plant species introduced to India, is it serving the purpose even now, if native – its quote in any tamil literature

2. How do you enjoy your work?

I love my work, no compromise on my work.
As my job involves teaching and research I make it a point that every individual student in my class excels both in curricular and co – curricular activities.

3. Have you slowed down or given up something in your profession for your family?

Not at all
I haven’t given up anything in my profession because of my family

4. How do you balance work and home?

Work – life balance is a very important thing for a person especially working women.
I am totally blessed to have a wonderful family who understand my passion.

It would not be complete if I dont thank my loving husband for his support and my sweetest little son Aadithyaa, for understanding my profession.
A big hug to my sweet family for their concern.

5. You are pretty active in environment conservation. Who is your inspiration and what is your message to SWEP on the importance and relevance of caring for mother earth?

When it comes to environment, we must have a sense of belongingness, should think it as “my” Madurai
Or “my” Chennai or “my” Coimbatore …
People must have a social responsibility and act humanely.
Eco – consciousness is the need of the hour !!!!

Just think twice before getting anything new.
Practice Reuse, Recycle, Reduce.
A few simple things which we forget to do causes a big environmental menace.
Save water and electricity.
Try car pooling
Try to explore nature atleast the trees in your street or locality
Try to travel in public transport

Use cloth bags, have spare in your 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler, tell your kids about this. They are smart enough, they will be more conscious next time. Buy seasonal vegetables and fruits and enjoy Nature’s gift to us. Coming to inspiration I feel everyone I come across in life as inspiration, I take all positive things from each person it may be from a kintergarden kid to an old sanitary worker.

Piece of advice for SWEP members

Don’t take Mother Earth for GRANTED

Love and live nature

Be eco – responsible

Instead of exchanging gifts during festivals we can gift tree saplings and make sure you plant it and MAINTAIN it

The day is not so far all getting into oxygen parlours to get pure oxygen for lots and lots of money.

So let’s try to make it bit late, so avoid pollution

Thank you !!!!!

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