These Are The Convincing Reasons Why You Should Start a Food Blog:

Running a food blog is a thing of joy! It is much more than what meets the eyes. Of course, it is about cooking and recipes, but food blogging is also about the words that weave an extraordinary story about a possibly ordinary adventure in your kitchen. It is also about those images that speak volumes to readers even before they read the actual text. It is more about the blogger’s spirit than about precision or quantity.

So, if you have been contemplating the idea of starting your own food blog, I am here to convince you now is the time to make that dream a reality. Because, by starting a food blog you will…

1. First and foremost, take the boredom out of routine cooking:

Whether you agree or not, simple everyday cooking is stressful and by the end of it all, is a job that always lacks appreciation. Food blogging on the other hand gives your routine cooking a new lease of life. The idea that your loyal bunch of readers are waiting for your recipes and story instantly makes the whole experience all the more rewarding; starting from menu planning to cooking, photography, editing the pictures and penning them down. Besides, you experiment more, challenge your cooking or baking skills so that a new story comes out of everything that happens in the kitchen.

2. Learn a thing or two about food photography and styling:

It doesn’t matter whether you are an ace photographer or a food stylist wearing creativity on your sleeve; food blogging will help you get better at both anyway. As a food blogger you tend to read and observe a lot of popular blogging websites. You will also read up a little about basic photography techniques. This will help you develop a sense of aesthetics, which will in turn gets transferred to your styling and photography. You will get a lot more demanding yourself when it comes to dishing out your fruit of labour.

3. Finally have a log of all your fool proof recipes:

If you are a passionate home cook, you ought to have a huge collection of tried and tested recipes, signature twists, tweaks, and more. Some of it you may have jotted down and most of it is likely to stay just in your memory. Moreover, your friends and extended family never fail to amuse you with their demand for your popular recipes. So food blogging is a great way to put together all those in an organized manner in one place. And in this digital age, passing over that link which one can quickly open in mobile or laptops makes better sense.

4. Find a way to voice your thoughts and opinions:

If you ask what’s the best part of blogging then this has to be it. Blogging, whether food or not, is a great way to put across your thoughts and opinions. That’s what makes reading a food blog fun, otherwise, one could easily buy some cookbook with just recipes in it. Every post has a story behind it, which helps the reader know you better and creates a bond based on genuineness. A food blog does not just dish out recipes, it attaches character to what you do.

5. Meet, learn, make friends online and offline:

Food blogger’s is an active community; occasional meets, contests, discussions are all a part of it. Whether online or offline, it is a great way to meet fellow community bloggers, hear their success stories, feel inspired, learn more and make beautiful ties for life. So even if you don’t stand a chance to win, participate in those contests, make time, however busy you may be, to attend those real time gatherings, make a few good friends and learn about photography and styling tips, discuss marketing tips and more. You will thank your stars for every second you spend being a part of this community, which is a treasure trove of knowledge.

6. Enjoy your share of online fame:

Blogging is an open platform and the moment you strike the right chord with your readers you will have your time of fame. If your readers are able to relate to your interestingly written stories, deliciously crafted recipes, gorgeously styled and clicked photos they will be generous with comments and will for sure return. This will further help extend your network of contacts. Quite the same way, remember, you will have your fair share of criticisms too. Now the question is will you be able to manage both?

7. Have a good time, no matter what:

A serious blogger will never again feel bored. There is always something you could cook up, click and write about. Did a certain criticism hit you hard? Go on a long vacation until you feel better and no boss will make you feel bad about it. You are your own boss and can put in as much little or more time as you feel like. You can make decent money out of it too, but that takes a while. Such a journey is definitely enviable and enriching, however, no food blogger’s journey is a cake walk! But who cares if it is not one, you are here to have fun!

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