1. Introduce yourself​ please

“Being an adult is easy, being a child is difficult, to live happy all the time, not to carry negativity” – I am a strong believer and follower of this . A Training & Development professional, an avid blogger, dancer, Radio jockey and as an author is my recent avatar. Above all, I am mother of two wonderful kids, a queen of our little nest.

2. How is being a child difficult?

A child doesn’t carry grudges , doesn’t over think in the consequences , just does what she feels right and happy for the moment and to keep her friends happy
Adults get adulterated with ego , jealousy , pride , vengeance : a child doesn’t know any of these … hence for us being a child is difficult

3. How did you begin your career?

I am currently a Leadership Development Trainer in I.T industry. I aimed to be a doctor, dreamt to be a fashion designer, forced to be an engineer, realised to be a HR and now enjoying my career, a perfect profession aligned with my interests, growth and learning. So, I always realised that fixing into one career is not the end of the world. The more I explored and travelled, the more perfect my path became.

4. Did you have to take a break in your career?

Yes, twice. Each break was for more than a year and reason was maternity break, both the times. That is the time in life when I was reborn as a mother. Nothing in this world takes priority than my little baby(ies). I wanted to focus only on them especially during their Early years in life, make them grow from baby to school going stage, and slowly let them experience their world. I have lost promotions, I had to upskill my competencies, pick up on the race – but I never regret any of it, as I knew that was the right decision at that point of time , for my kids. One thing I really learnt during the career break : Never feel that you lost your identity or you are sacrificing for someone else. Be the owner of the decision and handle it like a Queen.

5. Tell us about your book writing – both the Inspiration and Experience…

 Very common topic of discussion during every women gathering especially mothers gathering is “Are you working or not ? How can you work after the child ? Or Wow you are able to work! And on the other side ,I wish I go to work and have my career ..” the same emotions take different avatar yet a topic which gets closed with no solution ! I also was part of these victims couple of times and when I successfully overcame the emotions second time, I decided to write a book about the journey , sharing good suggestions I received from friends and experience! Me being a daughter of working mother , the inspiration starts from her and my two friends Harini and Deepti who kept motivating me throughout the journey , my ex boss Maria , my dance teacher .. above all, my life partner played the role of motivators :  “You can definitely write a book and inspire others, my dear “
And here I stand as an author thanks to all motivators and inspirations
6. Can one really make money writing books 
Well , writing book is an art . Like how you should enjoy and paint , like how you should be a talented dancer , and then those can be your career – writing book also is an art , you have to have the interest and passion . Yes there are few training to help – and once u feel confident on your work and understand your plus and areas of improvement , yes you can make money .
You need to have a marketing strategy , you need to have consistency of initiatives example like HE FOR SHE interview series https://tigressandbutterfly.wordpress.com/tag/book/
And keep taking steps ! Your heart, success , motivation and interest will automatically guide you about your next book and you can travel along with the journey
7. Advice for SWEP Woman
I personally believe we are the gender who has this super power of both construction and destruction . Every epic – Ramayana , Mahabharata – the construction destruction – both were caused by a female character. So, if we determine we can make a positive success and progress at the same time if we give up , the negativity can also spread .
The best words I have heard from Deens academy’s principal Ms Shanthi Menon , who is an admirable leader and mother of 3 kids . She said “Today’s women are in a hurry to rejoin work. Once the kid is 3 months they start working. Each stage of the kid , they miss and regret . And get depressed and doesn’t enjoy work. And end up regretting career and also life balance “. Her advice was “every mother should know the right duration of break, trust yourself . At 30s your life doesn’t end . You can always bounce back with a lot of energy if you have confidence in you” . I very much second her words and would like to share the same with Spini women . Never give up and you define your success !
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