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When someone says “I turned my passion into profession”, a lot of people are inspired to do the same. But lot many wonder “What is my passion? How to identify it?”
I have many of my friends and readers asking me this question, again and again in different forms.
How many of you have watched a movie in college by bunking classes or escaping hostel ? THAT is a typical example of “Passion”.
Watching movie is a hobby, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and watching movie is a passion, if you are watching a movie while you are a movie reviewer then it is profession.
A passion is something that pushes you out of your comfort zone, it will make you find ways to do it, yet you will enjoy it. I have a friend of mine, who had delivered her second child and was on her maternity leave. She joined back work when the baby was six months.
One evening we sat for a coffee, she said, “Ah , my life is completely busy, sending first kid to school, nappy times and feeding times for second kid, then comes my my office work, eating , cooking in between.. uff…
All of a sudden when I see the clock, it will be 11 PM”. With a sympathetic tone I asked, “Oh poor you! You could have extended your leaves na ? “ She answered before I finished the question “Oi, I am just enjoying this busy life.” and winked. “Each time that code runs successfully, I will feel all this is worth it”.
That statement showed how much she loved her work. The voice showed how much she enjoyed coding whole heartedly. She was passionate about her profession.
It is a very much true fact that we are busy round the clock and we have to focus on kids, family, responsibilities etc. But for many, this becomes a mind set  – “oh, i can’t do it with these kids”, “oh I wish I had time”… But this can be changed.
We might have settled into a pattern, we just need to push ourselves to come out of it and venture out.
So, now keeping in mind that you are a mother with constraints, yet you want to pursue your passion, let us try this activity to identify your passion  –
Step 1 : Take a piece of paper and List TEN things that you enjoy doing.
Sample : 1. Movies 2. Cooking 3. Chatting 4. playing with kids etc
Step 2 : Did you notice that we have listed the things you LIKE to do, not actually your passion list. The enhanced form of these things you ‘like’ will give you the list of your passion. Start expanding the list and fill in with more details. Example
• What kind of movies ? movie review ?
• Cooking what ? would you like to blog on cooking ? a recipe video ? a competition ?
. Chatting – Counselling, Customer liaison work?
• What games with kids ? Story telling? art work ? drawing?
Step 3 : On other end of the paper list your Skills & Talents that you might have. Example: Computer Skills, Administrative skills, Interpersonal Skills etc
You still can develop a skill in the area of passion if required. But if you find a Passion that you are skilled in – your work is half done.
Step 4 : Start execution. Choose one of the top ten things in your list and then start identifying things that you can start doing in a focused way that might help others.
Most likely the first or second option you choose (from the list of ten things) will be your long term pursuable passion. Develop or hone your Skills in the chosen area.
Step 5 : Determination : Nothing will work out if we are not determined to do it. So, make sure you have reminders, join social media forums and groups like SPINI to motivate you. Read self-help books…
Have a lot of networks, contacts, friends and motivators who will be discussing, chatting, talking, inspiring on similar ideas and thoughts.
One day, you will shine, you will have your unique identity and earn from what you love to do.
 Sometimes situations and challenges throw surprise parties in our life. I never thought I was capable of writing, until I got ‘breathing trouble’ during my pregnancy which did not allow me to talk much. I struggled to breathe when ever I talked sentences.
Me, being a HR, a Radio jockey, an extrovert, it was difficult for me to maintain silence or to hide my opinions. That is when I started blogging, I started expressing my thoughts through written form. And over years and years of progress which includes flops and ups and downs , I was able to grow as an author. I am able to pursue this avatar with complete involvement and passion.
Now, I am thankful to the breathing trouble and pregnancy hormones 🙂
So, find a way in your constraints. I am sure the challenges are all gift wrappers. Open it whole heartedly – you will be able to explore a beautiful gift of passion, customized for yourself.
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