I was a working mother till about few months back and now stay at home mom of my 2 lovely kids aged 8 and 5. I started working right after completing my MBA and continued to work for the last 11 years during marriage and birth of my kids.

1. You live away from home town without any parental support. Still managed to work?

Ya, it was tough getting back to work after each of my kids were born. Literally had to push myself to think that I can manage both. And with the uncertainties of depending on housemaids, the initial phase was challenging. But, I learnt to take it in stride and to build up support systems that could help me. I took 2 transfers after having my first kid.

I used to live near to my offices and so had the flexibility of visiting home during lunch breaks and when needed, thanks to understanding bosses. My husband too started taking his share of responsibility.

2. Anything you feel you missed in office or home being a working woman? 

I used to envy stay at home mothers for the time they get to spend with their kids. Even though we pacify ourselves that it is the quality of time that matters, I used to miss being with my kids when they are back from school or on their holidays. Spending time with family for festivals or travelling are things I used to miss. But I used to make sure that I make the most whenever I can.

At office, I wouldn’t say that I missed something because I was a mother with family responsibilities, I earned fairly good appraisals and timely promotions. Women are valued at workplaces for their efficiency and managerial skills.

3. When did you decide to quit and why?

I finally decided to quit when I realised that the job is not taking me in the direction I wanted to go. I wanted to be happy in terms of the work I do and the way I am raising my kids. I wanted time and space for myself and the things I loved to do. I wanted to do something more impactful and meaningful.

4. How do you spend time being at home now?

I was on a journey of self-discovery after I quit my job. I could catch up with many things I liked to do be it – doing yoga, cooking, pepping up my social and spiritual life, spending more time with kids, travelling. Even though these are small things, they made a big difference to me.

I read a couple of inspiring books- The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle being one of them. I took up a coaching on Self-awareness to know myself better. I started volunteering for a NGO. I feel I am more balanced and grounded as a person now.

5. When and how do you plan to restart your career?

I am planning to restart my career in the next few months. I have realised that my passion is in people development, nurturing and bringing out the best potential in people. Also, I would like to mentor children to choose right career paths. Would like to do or work in areas aligned to this.

6. Piece of advice for SWEP

Most of us women tend to look for perfection in everything we do or have in our lives, and this makes us unhappy. Instead choose to be happy and everything else will follow. A woman can definitely balance a job and her family if she sets her priorities right and demands for her place at office and home.

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