Construction of a building or purchasing a constructed building will by all means concentrate on the
convenience and space it offers and it’s planning. The one ingredient that makes a building aesthetically
pleasing and makes it complete is the art of interior designing.

It is not only an art, but science considering the factors involved in it like designs, space arrangements, colors, functionality and so on. Let us discuss about Chennai interior designers for instance as interior designers are well established in cities and they have good exposure/experience.

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Chennai is a cosmopolitan city which is a showcase of architectural buildings. Certain areas like OMR, ECR etc have set an example for the advanced improvements in the field of interior designing. Starting from individual houses to high-riseapartments Chennai interiors proved to be award winners in such areas.

Interior parts of the city have also developed to a great extent by reconstructing the buildings. Such interior designers with good experience inside and outside the city are always aware of the designs and needs that suit the specific areas.

Chennai can boast of a list of eminent interior designers and they are unique and specialized in their own ways like commercial designers, domestic designers, theatre specialists etc. The best interior designers in Chennai can be spotted who have the following specific characteristics.

Qualification/Experience: Unlike some other professions, interior designing is not a work to learn easily just by watching or hearing. It requires proper education and practical experience to understand the nook and corners of the designing process.

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Experience makes them an expert in handling complicated designs and their mind will be always ready with innovative designs and their practical implementation methods. We can also go through their catalogue of buildings that they have already done that shows their experience in the same field.

Skills Of an Interior Designer

Decision making/Interaction skills: This may sound little bit weird, but interaction is the main quality of
the best interior designer in Chennai as he should be capable of interacting with people of different
culture and expectations. It is important to understand the requirements of the customer and proper
discussion of the pros and cons regarding the design that customer dreams to be. Also he should be
capable of making a worthy decision finalizing the deal (interior designing) that suits the customer
expectation to the maximum extent.
Groundbreaking skills: The most expected part of the interior designing is always innovation and also
one of the most expected qualities of the best interior designer. To understand the creative abilities of
the interior designer we can ask them to show their catalogue of completed works. Also we can focus on
the way they express their designing ideas with proper knowledge that pictures a comfortable and
beautiful output.

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360 Degree Vision: Most of the good interior designers in Chennai have a great vision on every aspect of theconstruction that makes the building a successful one. Any inconvenience that occurs due to minor flawsin the design, might lead them to lose their popularity. They should be well versed not only in the designbut also in the selection of quality brand products required for construction process, colors, themes,design that guarantees safety and so on.
Technical vision: A design with beautiful and attractive outlook alone cannot certify the person as the
best interior designer. The designer should complete the construction with 100% professionalism with unbeatable comfort zone for the people who live inside it. For eg: Construction of kitchen requires much
professionalism as it requires a good storage area, lavabo and cooking area. It should be constructed in
such a way that it brings a wonderful mood for the person who cooks the food with convenient
accessories and proper drainage systems. If not the room will become a mess and it spoils the entire
look of the house.

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Key points to remember to make your Interior design the best:

1. Interior design is the major part of the construction and it shows the aesthetic aspect of the
building. Concentrate on every part of the house to increase the comfort zone. Never stop the
dream with the look alone.
2. Physical shopping of materials gives you the satisfaction to design your dream house. Avoid
third person interference, as far as possible.
3. While painting and decorating your wall, try to be different. Avoid sticking with one color and
pattern. Texture your space.
4. Smaller the room, lighter the paint color. This enhances brightness all over the room and shows
the room bit larger that actually it is.

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5. Always try to be simple in choosing the fabrics.
6. Don’t always fix in a view in matching everything. Sometimes contrasts also make a good sense.
7. Antique design or modern design? Mix it up. Always antique furniture and designs have their
own uniqueness.
8. Concentrate on ceilings too. Decorate it with 3D arts or use unique painting combinations.
9. Go green. Try to add small greens to add spice to the look wherever it is necessary.

Do’s and Don’ts while selecting a Interior design and designer:

1. Always select a designer who has a good reputation.
2. It is not recommended to select the interior designers who are always busy with numerous
works in hand (especially busy with huge constructions). There are chances to lose
concentration on your requirements because of their tight schedules.
3. Never ever force them to go with a particular design. Let them convert it to a comfortable
design for you.

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4. Over expectations lead to disasters. Allow the designers to work on the space.
5. Try not to urge them to complete the design within a short time span.
In addition to the above specified characteristics of the best designers in Chennai and key points to be
considered in designing, there are some other unique skills for every designer. Interior designing adds
life to a building, be more sensitive to the issues involved in the best possible manner. Consider the
above points while giving life to your dream. There is no dearth of eminent interior designers in
Chennai. Through them you can execute your dreams into reality.

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