Bored of seeing the same lifeless walls and the same unanimated pieces of furniture- Renovation house?
Yearning to see some greenery in your house apart from that solitary money plant which is clinging
to one of those grills and that occasional glimpse of ‘greenness’ you get when your mom pulls out
the vegetable basket from the fridge?

Then, this blog is for you. Revamp your house and make it brim with greenery with these 5 cool
renovation House techniques.


Ornamental plants like Areca Palm, Asparagus, Tiger Fern and the traditional Scindapsus
Aureus(money plant) are easy to maintain and greatly improve the outlook of your house.
These can be placed in all the rooms and they’ll never fail to prove to be your recourse when
you’re stressed. Bonsai trees also help in increasing the aesthetic value. Techniques like
vertical gardening, using hanging pots, growing plants on vertical stands and affixing the
pots to the parapet walls are particularly useful when you wish to grow plants in space
crunched balconies.

house interior with aqua

The door and the wall connecting your room to the balcony can be replaced with glass walls
or French Windows. Sliding glass walls and folding glass doors are some of the common
types available in the market. Glass walls help bring in more sunlight into your house thus
making you live a more connected life with nature. Also, if your balcony is filled with plants,
the view through the glass wall will create an immensely blissful ambiance, which will make
you earnestly agree with the adage ‘Home is where the heart is’!

aquaponics cycle

Wooden planks décor provides a rustic yet sophisticated touch to your homes. There are
great many ways to infuse wood planks in your house. Wood plank shelves, wooden
floorings, wooden ceilings, getting one side of the walls in your room wood planked, etc.
The possibilities are endless and wood plank definitely leaves one spoilt with choice.
Antique carved wooden doors also give a classy look to your house.

infuse wooden planks

Aquaponics is a term which combines aquaculture and hydroponics. Aquaculture refers to
the culturing of fish and hydroponics refers to the process of growing plants in gravel or
liquid, with added nutrients but without soil.
A typical aquaponic system consists of two tiers, each one almost the size of a shoe rack
only. The lower tier is a regular fish tank and the upper tier is where the plants are grown by
the method of hydroponics.


The water from the fish tank consists of ammonia (from fish waste). Microorganisms in the water convert ammonia into nitrites and then into nitrates.
This water is sent to the plants in the upper tier. The plants take in the nitrates and hence
the water going back to the fish tank is cleaned.
There are many blogs to help you in creating an aquaponic system or you can choose the
easier way and opt to buy it from the market.

miniature tree

Installing stone sculptures in your living room or bedroom will definitely make your guests’
jaws drop in awe and admiration. You can opt for small stone busts too which wouldn’t
pinch your purse too much. Marble sculptures are also a better bet to invest in.

stone sculptures

Many cool sculptures are out there in the market, which are definitely worth checking out.
Why take solace in enjoying Nature in wallpapers when you can indulge and comfortably ensconce
in Nature’s arms itself?

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