Let us take a moment and think about the most sensational and controversial happening in
Tamil Nadu right now. Most definitely, the Bigg Boss show. It really has become a rage
among Tamil crowd today. Who doesn’t talk or discuss about it? Like brushing and eating,
watching it every day has also become a routine in everybody’s lives. Apart from the quarrels
between the contestants, we also have something else to notice in the bigg boss house, the

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The decors the producers have chosen is really pretty to watch. There are many
wonderful elements that can be incorporated while designing our own homes.
This home "set" has been designed to be a real house for 100 days. It is fully
functional with lot of space utilisation concepts incorporated. Let us take a look around
the bigg boss house.

Island Kitchen
If you have an open kitchen,  Island kitchen is a great way to add more storage and
to increase your kitchen space.  Island kitchen design is a new concept in Indian
kitchens and it will be a sure shot show stealer.  This design helps multiple people
work in harmony in the kitchen.
Big Boss island kitchen
Transparent glass partition
Transparent glass partition is a great way to increase a sense of space.  Transparent
glass also helps children acclimatise themselves to the new bedroom.  There are
options to change the transparent glass into frosted glass at the touch of a button.

Big Boss transparent glass partition
Fabric wall panelling 
Wall panelling, especially with fabric and embellishments can give a lot of character
to a room.  Wall tiles, wallpaper and creative wall painting are some other options to
decorate a wall.

Big Boss fabric wall panelling

Wall embellishments
Low-cost options of decorating walls are embellishments.  Multiple figurines of
dragonflies, butterflies, flowers etc can be stuck to the wall giving a new dimension to
the room.
big boss wall embellishments
Textured wall
Various materials like gypsum can be used to give 3D finish to the wall texture.
big boss textured wall
Graffiti wall
Graffiti in the interior walls are a in thing. Here we can see emoticons painted in
graffiti style. We can also see the broken tile finish well done on the right side wall.

big boss graffiti wall

Also we can see that there is a mix-and- match of various techniques that we
discussed. A wall has wall papering, another one has embellishments, another one
has the tile and so on. Every wall together gives a dramatic effect.

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