Many of the Indian homes have Pooja room.  But most of the homes make do with Puja shelves.
As a part of our “Transform your home” series we are going to see how to transform a small puja space into a beautiful Pooja room.
Pooja room interiors have to be done keeping in mind the number of people who will be using the Puja space at the same time.

pooja room

Prayer area could be as simple as this:

Pooja room can be transformed into a spiritually beautiful space even when there is very limited space to work with. The below Pooja area is a most common design:

Let’s  take the above puja room and find out the various ways to transform this space.

1. Fix a door
Check I f it is possible to reuse the existing structure. Enclosing the Pooja space will probably give a more clutter free appearance. This can be done with local carpenters with mediocre skill levels.

pooja room door design

2. Buy Stand alone Pooja unit
The most common Pooja units available readymade freestand on the floor. If the units are not sturdy please remember to clamp them to the walls to avoid accidents. Online furniture shopping sites have a wide variety of these options.

standalone pooja uni vinayagar

3. Get an interior decorator to customise
Getting interior designer to customise this space will give you the freedom to design according to your choices and budget.
There are multiple accessories in the market which will provide a mandir ambience to your Pooja space. Brass bells, kumbhams, kalasams, gopuram etc pass a very spiritual vibe.
Below are some of the work done by Interior designers registered with Spini.

 customised pooja room interior
Some points to consider while devising your Pooja room:
Devising spaces to hold Lamps, oil and other Pooja items is critical for the ease of use. Having designated area of storage for even small and trivial things like matchbox will make the life easier for the ones who spend most of their time praying. Use of the correct plywood type that is flame resistant will be a good practice.
cabinet pooja room
The are bound to be spills of turmeric, kumkum and other spiritual items. So, having a easy-wipe surface area will make cleaning easier.
Calculating the space for each of your deity from your current puja space will help prevent any unpleasant surprises of not being able to install a particular idol or picture.

Use of correct lighting will elevate the look of the Pooja interiors.

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