There’s this beautiful swan perched atop a marble. Suddenly, Tina comes and presses the swan hard
with her hands.

“Ouch! What happened? Was the swan hurt?” you may ask.
Nope. Just water splashed out of the swan and Tina washed her hands.

Welcome to the world of quirky water taps. A wide range of offbeat faucets, now, occupy the
markets and the above said swan faucet is just one of them. These unconventional faucets are
creating quite a swirl in the conventional lavatories.
Well, here’s a list of some of the quirky faucets which impressed me.

1. SWIRL WATER FAUCETS: The outlet of this faucet is designed in such a way that the water
follows in a swirling pattern when flowing through it.

swirl water faucets

2. TRANSPARENT FAUCETS: As the name suggests, these faucets are transparent and allow you
to enjoy the vortex of the rising water.

transparent faucets

3. AIRPLANE FAUCETS: To those whimsical kids out there, these faucets will definitely make
your brushing sessions interesting (and power packed too)

airplane faucets

4. ROMAN WATERFALL FAUCETS: Sleekness and elegance wrapped in one!

roman waterfall faucets

5. PORCELAIN FAUCETS: Made of porcelain or ceramic, these faucets never fail to wow us.

white and blue painted porcelain faucetporcelain faucet

6. INDUSTRIAL STYLE BRONZE FAUCET: Wish to give an industrial touch to your homes? Try

industrial style bronze faucet

7. WALLMOUNTED FAUCETS: These wide faucets do portray water flow in the best of its glory.

wall mounted faucet

8. WATER WEAVING FAUCETS: Undisturbed intrusion – well, I think that’s the apt caption for
this one!

water weaving faucet

9. JOYSTICK HANDLE FAUCET: These faucets are provided with joystick-like water regulators.

joystick handle faucet

10. SENSOR FAUCETS: These faucets are equipped with a proximity sensor and follow a
mechanism that opens the valve to allow water to flow response to the presence of a hand in
close proximity. When the hand is removed, the valve closes. Ingenious, right?

sensor faucet

11. SWAN FAUCETS: So, yeah, this was the swan which Tina pressed!

black coloured swan faucetgold coated swan faucet

12. LED FAUCETS: The bright LEDs, here, use the force of water to power themselves, thus,
making the faucet aesthetic and energy-sufficient.

LED faucet aesthetic LED faucet

13. TEAPOT FAUCETS: For a change, this teapot doesn’t limit itself to catering to our tea needs

teapot faucet

14. GLASS CIRCULAR WATERFALL FAUCET: Made of tempered glass, these faucet-basins are
attractive and sturdy too.

glass circular water faucet

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