Sinagara Chennai, one of the top metropolitan cities in India has been growing rapidly over
the last few years in the IT and automobile sector. This exponential boomerang growth has
attracted a large number of people from across the country as well as abroad.

Real Estate

Relocating is not as simple as it looks. There are numerous obstacles that each one of us face and solving
them is a tedious process. Be it a house for rent in Bangalore or house for rent in Chennai,
there are always a set of factors that need to be considered like,

> Weather conditions
> Basic language for communication
> Modes of transportation
> Adjusting with the local crowd
> The comfort zone

These are just surface level issues that one has to think about. When you go deeper, there
are another set of major issues while hunting for a house in Chennai. They can be listed.

1. Space Crunches and lack of personalisation
Generally, while looking for a home, the first thing that pops up in the mind is that
it has to be spacious. However, one can never be promised that as nowadays,
houses are constructed very closely to each other and hence, they are going to be
cramped. In fact, having an outdoor space has now become a dream! And
moreover, if you’re searching for a house near an IT hub then you can be
guaranteed that you would have absolutely no space.

large cozy room with furniture

Forget it! Another aspect is that you can’t mould the house to your liking and taste. Like for
instance, if you’re not happy with the wall colour, then chances are bleak that your
landlord would agree to change it for you. The most you can do is decorate the
interiors according to your taste. That’s it! No major changes can be

2. Furnishing
Chennai being near the sea, is a place that is subjected to the extremes of heat and
humidity. So, living here is impossible without AC’s! So, furnishings come into
the picture. This is something that is truly dependant on your budget. Whether to
go in for a fully furnished or semi furnished home can be a confusion. To make it
easy, please keep these in mind and decide.

white room with glass door facing the garden
3. Semi-Furnished
Basic items such as fans, bulbs and lights would only be made available. Sounds
very good as this has a direct impact on your rent (lower rent as compared to a
furnished home)! But this also implies that you need to shell out extra pennies to
purchase furniture and other fixtures. An added advantage is that it this opens a
door to decorate your new home according to your wish and liking! Cool, right?

> Since you would own most of the items in the house, you are less
answerable to the owner. This actually means less confusions and hassles.

> Well, this option may sound good to you but in case you need to move out
again, then you need to make arrangements to shift the items you
purchased. That’s an overhead!

> Fully furnished

furnished room with yellow lighting
> It’s a home where everything is in place to get you started the minute you
enter! All you require are your clothes and other personal stuff. That’s it.
So, there is no additional money to spend but it does hike up your rent as
well as your security deposit amount.
> You are completely answerable and responsible for every item in the
home. So, beware of arguments!
> As the home is up and running, you may not have the freedom to
personalise it. You may also find yourself with less space around the
> On the brighter side, when you decide to relocate again you just need your
suitcases! No tagging along items! Simple and easy.
Therefore, think and choose wisely as to which type of furnishing you

4. Accessibility
Ensure that you do your research properly on the location and accessibility of the
home. It is one of the biggest threats while searching for a house in Chennai.

5. Beware of brokers.
Be extra cautious and careful while dealing with brokers. You may end up paying
through your nose!
The above problems are common but in case you’re single then you would have to
handle another mammoth of issues! There are majorly three categories of single folks
for whom landlords up front refuse to give the house for rent.

sofa with pillows
6. Students
Due to the fact that their period of stay is uncertain, there would be delays in
payment of rent and they bring along friends and other people and cause chaos.

7. Bachelors
In case of single men, the owners straight forward refuse by citing reasons such as
alcohol, illicit relationships and damage to home.

8. Unmarried women
The list is endless! All sorts of questioning right from their privacy to their
lifestyles! All you girls be prepared for the session!
For all the parents with children out there, please follow the below mentioned tips for
the benefit of your children while moving into a new place.
Children are actually the most affected in the process of shifting homes as you are pulling
them out of their comfort zone.

So, ensure that you do the following.
> Talk ,Talk and talk
Explain the reason for the move and what plans you have in place for them. Involve
them in your conversations and make a note of things they show interest in.
> Give them a tour
Arrange a tour with them so that they also get a feel of their new home. Seek their
opinion and suggestions and make sure you implement them. It is sure to benefit you
in the long run.

clipart of rented house on offer rate > Caution
This is something you, as a responsible parent should ensure to do. Check if the
locality is safe and secure, installed with cameras, has recreational facilities for the
kids and above all a peaceful environment for the kids to grow in.
> Make it fun
Make them live and enjoy every moment during this transition. A good idea would be
to allow them to set up their room the first thing you move in.
To conclude, whether you’re single or married or parents, there are specific problems
to tackle! Nothing is easy breezy. So carefully analyse all the above mentioned factors
and choose the best shelter for you!

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