The core focus of any kitchen interior design should be the “ease of use”.  Interior decorators should keep in mind that free flow of energy is mandatory in the kitchen.  Interior decorators should also mind if the person working in the kitchen is able to move freely and if they are able to access the kitchen equipments with ease.
Accessories either make or break a kitchen.  Choosing a good quality and most appropriate accessories is very critical for durability of kitchen’s interior decoration.


Today let us explore the various accessories that are available for you to choose from.

Basic Must have accessories:

Cutlery rack is a must have so that you can easily separate the forks/spoons/knives and laddles. Cost of these vary according to the quality and design. Cutlery baskets start from Rs 1750 onwards.

A thali basket or Plates holder is always present in every modular kitchen. Decent designed ones of these cost approximately Rs 2500
The  cups and saucers holder is very useful for making every day tea. Prices of these hover around Rs 2500 as well.
Simple  pull-out oil trays almost always find a place in today’s kitchen. But do plan have a cleaning plan intact for any oil spill even during your design process of your kitchen. Branded basic pull out trays start from Rs 5000. Unbranded accessories cost much lesser.
Vegetables that can’t be stored in refrigerator now can be easily stored in well aerated cabinets with baskets like the below.
Storage to stock our kitchen supplies and grain basket tray will help the Indian kitchens that stock atta and rice very much.
There are even options to store pan lids for easy access.
Kitchen towels have crept their way deep into Indian kitchens. In addition to the usual counter-top kitchen towel holder, below is an option to shut it in as well. These kind of designs incorporated on the cabinet doors help much in space utilisation.
Tall units have become a much welcome feature in modern kitchens. While the previous generation cabinet-above-counter stretched our backs, these modern tall units are very ergonomic. Each of these units might roughly cost around Rs 50,000 including all the channels and fittings. Ofcourse your carpenter would need to enclose it within a cabinet.
The pull out feature of tall units are most welcome because there is never going to be another ingredient which well hidden and long forgotten.
The kitchen shelves with too much of depth is bound to create layers and layers of bottle which would become difficult to access. The clever design incorporating storage on the doors avoid the above mentioned problems.
Having the kitchen garbage bins under the sinks is the most welcome addition to any modular kitchen.
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