Unique doors with pronounced functions are the needs of modern day homes. Stringent budgets, rigid
planning and compact homes can make you feel down when it comes to interior décor.

However, the big decision of doors can never be cumbersome, if you know how to pick the apt one for your homes. If you have been wondering at the choices of your friend, and how the doors enhanced the splendor of the home, then understand it is not the doors, but the choice that makes the interior looks pretty.

Let us start from the materials. You can choose among:
1. Wood
2. PVC
3. Iron
4. Aluminum

Wooden Doors:
The most sought after material is wood, and it is durable too. Exposure to water and rough air isn’t
going to make wooden doors weak. Availability is another reason why wood is the preferred choice.
Aesthetic beauty can be augmented with variety of carvings. But are you aware that more options are
available with wooden doors to suit your wallet’s health?

wooden door
For the sturdy doors, that feel hefty, and that have high resistance to cracking or shard, Solid Wood
Doors are best choices. It is obvious they are going to cost a lot. When you need a sound barrier, then
solid wood doors are perfect. When you prefer the look of being expensive, but at a cheaper price, then
solid core doors can be opted for. Keep in mind, if there are extreme weather conditions these doors
can contract. This is a shortcoming compared with the solid wood doors. Hollow core doors are the
cheapest options. With a wooden frame, the surface is of plywood. With a cheaper price tag
comparatively, you can get to know easily they aren’t durable and sound resistant.

While iron and steel doors are perfect for exteriors, for interiors they are not going to be a good choice.
You will find them sturdy and offering superb protection, yet incongruous for interiors.

iron door

A flawless decision for the doors that simply serve as the aesthetic barriers is aluminum. Imagine an
aluminum door simply standing to point the difference between kitchen and dining area. With durability
and capacity to be decorated with modern designs, this is one of the areas you can play around.

aluminium door

Different designs, hues and stains, PVC doors can look attractive. But do you think they can stand in a
place that is full of aesthetic design? You can however use them where a door is less required or rarely
used, but you need to have. A door in the storage room to simply part some area off, is where PVC doors are best fitted.

pvc door

Bathrooms are where they are often used. Available at cut-rate prices, they are perfect
fit for the closet doors in less used places of the house.
When you have clarity on the material you can and cannot use, you should also get to know what type
of door can be used where.

Hinged Doors:
Most common option is the hinged doors which can be got even as the pre hung door unit. There is no
need for professionals to install these doors, if you can do a bit of carpentry. This is very functional and
often called as the passage doors. This is a cheap option, and can be the best option when the space is

hinged door

Sliding Doors:
Adding to the aesthetics, these sliding doors can also be used when the space is too less that it cannot
allow a door to swing. But these doors need a wide passage because just a part of the door is accessible.

sliding door

Bi-fold Doors:
These doors can be folded into each other, as they are connected with hinges of multiple numbers. If
you own a room that opens its view to the sea, lake or some natural scenery, where a passable view is
required, bi-fold doors can cater to your needs. A large opening, or when two rooms are combined, go
for bi-fold doors. When you want a portion to be left closed for larger part of the year, and open when
throwing a party, a bi-fold door can open up to vast area.

bi-fold door

Flush Doors:
These are concealed doors, and perfect when you want a door to pose a part of the walls. When you
want the door to stay to let you pass through and yet stay discreet, then you need to go for the flush
doors. Seamless integration is if what you need, then flush doors can meet your requirements. Any
cellar mode construction in your home can be closed with these doors.

flush door

French Doors:
Aesthetic properties are augmented with French doors. An unobstructed view is offered when you open
both the doors. They swing off to meet in the center, and perfect for your bedrooms that face the
gardens or any natural scenery. It also creates a starry-eyed mood for you, especially if placed in your

french door
Dutch Doors:
Horizontal division leading to separate panels in the top and bottom make the Dutch doors stand
unique. While it can fit into all rooms, the best place is the kitchen. When a kitchen door is a Dutch door,
you can keep an eye on the kids, and restrict them from entering into it too at the same time.

dutch door

Another niche you need to be aware of when opting for the doors for interiors is the stains that can be
For a classic look, you need to bring in the wooden stain finish. You can get the stain finish is huge range
of colors. They look best on the solid wood and solid core doors. Trimmed colors are good choices, for
they can make the place look stylish and dashing.

When you want to get a contemporary look that can be maintained on and off, then you need to opt for
the paint finish. Hollow core doors are apt for this type of finish.
When you are done with finalizing the list, then you need to know there are other factors to be
considered apa rt from the style, material and the stain finishes. A door that fits into the existing
infrastructure can only offer seamless guise. A Dutch door can look amazing, but if it is not functional,
you cannot expect it to work for you. Also, taking a look at the budget allotment is also a wise decision.

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