In any interiors, the elements can be classified into static elements and the dynamic
Most of the elements of interior design involve the static elements like the walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, etc, which are the most functional ones that are treated with materials, colors and texture through the design concept of interiors. Well an interior space always has the most dynamic of the elements called its occupants. But here I would like to introduce the dynamic element of interiors of a
space, be it a corporate office or a residential home.

If you are working all seriously at your workspace cabin among hundreds of typical cabins around you, sometimes there arises a feel of submerging in the crowd, if you are at your own home just resting on your sofa after a stressful cooking, packing, sending off, cleaning routine and you feel the space called your home just swallowing at you. The very place most of you would feel bored are the waiting rooms, be it at a doctor’s clinic, customer care centers or any office for that matter, where all you could
do is simply wait till you turn comes.

The dynamic element in any interior will help break the monotony of the space.
This dynamic element can be digital/electronic operated or operated by nature.
Well now could you guess what could act as a dynamic element.

dreamcatcher interior designs

Let me break it, A wind chime that blows its sound by the natural breeze will sure refresh your ears for the soothing flow of wind. I would sure call them the musical beauties of dynamic elements in an interior. And there are many varied materials of wind chimes from porcelain, glass, bamboo, earthen and metal which resonates different sounds notes.

Wind chimes are pocket friendly and great gifting ideas as well.
Porcelain wind chimes is the material molded in many shapes, figures and colours, the one that I had and loved in my hostel room was a sunshine cartoon figure in porcelain. In porcelain wind chimes we get most options of figures with wordings. The glass wind chimes too come in various shapes of birds, bells and balls, flowers, leaves and butterflies, stars, cresent moons and the sun. The glass wind chimes has
this magic of colored glasses.

porceclain interior designs

The bamboo wind chimes are of varied thickness and lengths which differentiates the
sounds produced by them. The only option in a natural bamboo wind chime is woody
grain pattern and the color of the melamine coat that is given on the natural woody
surface of bamboo.

The earthen wind chimes are made of pottery clay with its trademark pottery brown color. Nowadays the pottery wind chimes are painted in traditional colors with figurines and motifs of traditional art forms to add an extra touch and options to select. The clay wind chimes have traditional figures like decorated horses, bells with cutouts, beads, diyas to add the ethnic theme of the wind chime.

The metallic version of the wind chimes comes with the brass, silver, black metal, copper, antique finishes. Painted metallic wind chimes are also available in markets.
It does’nt end with the material variations of wind chimes, we also get wind chimes
with combination of materials too.


Now you must have got a glimpse of options that are available with a wind chime. Now let’s see the apt location to place these musical beauties of dynamic elements in our interior space. Just as the name has it “wind chimes” should be hung in a place of your interiors where there is good flow of wind like a balcony, near a french window or a door, a cozy patio where you would relax.

A fountain that trickles down with that click clack sound of water might just rejuvenate your moods. And of course, again there are lots of options into design of fountains from natural, ethnic, woody, contemporary, modern, etc. Since fountains are wet elements, the material that is vastly involved is glass and earthen ones like clay, ceramic and stones. It is usually in the ceramic fountains that we get many forms of miniatures sculpted. The finishes of a wood or a rustic metal finish can also be derived from these ceramic materials with proper texture and color treatment.

aquarium interior designs

The fountains can be selected based on the theme or concept of the particular interior design. Fountains accentuated with suitable lighting stands as a sculpted master piece in the interiors. The best location for these fountains in an interior space is a deep niche with an accentuated colored background or a show nook with complementing sculpture or artifact of same theme as the fountain or a green corner with bonsai or a cactus pots, an indoor courtyard with scattered pebble base, all these locations should be with good natural lighting.

miniature designs

An aquarium that gives a fantasy vision of fishes moving in a swish and swashes across the look alike of sea weeds and reefs of undersea world gives the occupant a pleasant sight to record. The aquarium showrooms have variety of accessories for the aquarium. Right from a miniature of a longtime sunken ship, coral reefs, the varied colors and textures of aqua fauna, miniatures of a sunken ancient kingdom, long lost pirate treasure chest, half deteriorated castle, the colourful pebbles of glass, stones, the mystic and mythological themes, etc. It is all upto the creativeness to set a theme of the aquarium based on the
size and space constrain. If you could collect and possess say three sets of theme accessories, aqua fauna for your aquarium then its great time to have a periodic change in your aquarium theme.

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