A home is a place for everything- your family, pets, preferences, choices, and of course valuables. While many of us do give priority to the rest, valuables in spite of holding so much of attention get the least preference. You might have invested in safes that can hold your assets, but they are a give away to burglars. Why do you need to invest in safes that give a clear hint to the seeker? Even with the alarms and other technological security measures, wouldn’t be good if the safe does not show off at all.


The safes are gaining more importance by being discreet. You can try to hide them anywhere, and even the smartest burglar would have to spend hours in vain. Your interior decoration style need not be affected because of the safes you opt for. Find ideas here to keep your safes safe from prying eyes, and ensure that your interior décor isn’t affected. Safes waved into the interior ornamentation are what we are going to have a look at.

1. Behind the designs on the wall:

Does your wall have designs carved? It would be perfect if there are 3D designs on them. You need not worry, a safe behind this wall would be discovered, or if the pattern you had struggled to find would be spoiled. It is quite natural for anybody to get lost in the carved or painted designs of the wall, and when the designs are intricate, one would not be able to find that there are openings for a secret safe behind the wall.

Apart from the designs, another area where you can play around behind the walls, is the area that has a closet. This may be any. A closet in the kitchen, study room, bedroom and living room, or anywhere would do. You need to ensure that the closet does not have a different design, color, pattern or material used compared with the rest of the room. This is because anybody with common sense would be able to figure out the reason with ease.

behind the design locker

When you are determined to use it behind the closet, you should choose the stain finish with care too. Mild finish of the closet doors would be a give away. Also, it is wise not have the safe directly behind the closet door. Install shelves, and keep the safe behind the shelves. These shelves can be floating shelves that can be either taken off with ease, or folded into each other when you need to access the safe.

2. Bookshelf structure:

While often used in many homes, you can still find installing safe behind the bookshelves a safe idea. A good move would be using the honeycomb bookshelf. You can simply place the bookshelf between the wall and the safe. Wondering what if you want to use the regular patterned shelves? Simple, follow the same technique as in the closet doors. One great idea would be using the hidden bookshelf behind the closed doors. Here you can have a picture installed on the wall, and the bookshelf would be hidden from the view, as it on the other side of the door. Between the picture and the bookshelf, a safe can be installed. 

lockers behind the bookshelf

Another idea is to keep the beautiful bookshelf in the living room to flaunt its appearance. But make it a hidden place for your safe by simply bringing in sliding doors pattern. You can see shelves available with sliding doors pattern, and this secret door is discreet. You can store things like gun, cash and papers behind this discreet door in the bookshelf.

3. Bed stand:

Have you decorated your bedroom with all furniture to go with each other? Then your bed stand must be a part of it. Now, use the bed stand or bedside table to secure your things. A French style bed stand should be a perfect choice, or you can find the other styles to be functional too. When you haven’t yet fixed your bedroom décor, or if you are ready to do some changes, then here is an idea.

hidden safe in bedroom

Move the bed side table close to your bed. This is to keep off the eyes that might lay on the safe. When the bedside table is close to the table, you can see the attention does not go to the table most of the times. This is why the interior decorators would advise to move off the bed side table from your bed, if it has a great design. Now, back to the topic. Create a layer under the top. For this, you cannot expect the bed side table to be sleek. A heavy embellishment is the prerequisite.

4. Inside the doors:

The doors not only secure the house and the rooms, in fact they can secure a lot more. You can insert valuables that are not too bulky between the panels of the door. For this, you need to choose the solid hollow door. Choose a door that has heavy or thick patterns. Thin patterns for sure will let others know there is a concealment.

inside the door locker

For the side frames, you can choose steel or other metals. These frames should be removable, and you can see that between the two wooden planks, there is enough space to store jewelry, papers, documents, gun and other valuables. If you have too many to store, then you can ensure that there are 2 to 3 doors available in the house for this purpose.

5. The TV Frames:

Huge TV frame structures that can be a room to most of the entertainment based electronic devices in the home are becoming increasingly popular. You can create a safe, if this structure is close to your living room walls. Or if this is an independent structure, you need to ensure that it does not let you down by being indiscreet.

living room hidden locker

When going for hidden safes that is weaved into the interiors, ensure no color scheme or pattern variations let you down. Also, the choice should be in a way that it allows to be used with less noise, and little amount of dismantling. You cannot afford to spend hours to keep in or take off your stuff form the safes.

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