Investments are of several types and one of the most important investments that
every one of us chooses is taking insurance policies. Insurance policies are now a
vital part of our life as we are moving in an environment of sudden and unexpected
changes that attack us through several means.

Whatever it may be, we generally insure ourselves by taking life insurance, health insurance policies, life time policies, house hold article policies, accident policies and so on. We also insure our belongings like car, motorcycle, land and some other properties that are really important in our life.

Insurance companies generally need publicity and they should remain in a state of
limelight always. There always exists some weird information in almost all fields
(including insurance) that hide themselves from the public eye. But we, the public
always want to explore something new and also we tend to do weird things. We
have a list of such weird insurance takers all over the world and hope this sounds
something very interesting.

Weird insurance takers across the World:
Do you know that your body parts can be insured separately? Here are few people
who did these weird insurances.

Mustache Insurance:
Merv Hughes – A cricket player had insured his mustache for about $370,000.
Hope it is somewhat more special than his other valuables.

Tongue Insurance:
Imagine what would a food critic insure? Egan Ronay – A Food critic has insured
his tongue for $393,000 and The Costa Coffee Chief, Gennaro Pelliccia has also
insured his tongue for about $14 million. It is also said that each taste bud is
insured for about $1400. How sensitive the taste buds are!!!

Leg Insurance:
Ofcourse only the people who love their legs knows its importance. Betty Grable
Actress and Heidi Klum – a super model and businesswoman have insured
their legs.

Famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo has insured his legs for $144 million.
Maria Carey, famous high octave-voice expert insured her legs instead of her

Smile Insurance:

The ever charming young lady who played a leading role in a famous show,
America Ferrara – a leading actress has insured her smile for about $10 million.
Julia Roberts, a famous actress also has insured her smile for $30 million.

Voice Insurance:
The famous rock musician Bruce Springsteen has insured his valuable voice for
$6 million.

Teeth Insurance:
Famous British comedian, Ken Dodd was famous for his jokes. It is said that he can
express 1500 jokes within 3 and half hours in which his teeth play an important role
in making the audience laugh. He has insured his teeth for about $7.4 million.
Other than body parts or body assets insurance policies, there are other insurance
policies that really make us feel whether they actually exist. Let us have a short
look on that.

50 crore insurance in India: An individual businessman in Mumbai has insured
Rs.50 crore premium which is considered to be the highest in terms of insurance in
Jeevan Akshay Policy offered by LIC of India.

Change of heart Insurance: There is an insurance policy which settles back your
money if the love between the partners disappears. It is also called as “Wedding
Insurance”. A good policy introduction that supports the life of the bride and the
groom even after their separation.

Julia Roberts

Asteroid Insurance: This looks really weird and it is available too. Yes, the policy
says that it provides insurance coverage when a large asteroid hits the earth and
causes destructions. Is it really possible to settle back the insurance claim amount
if the whole world is hit by an asteroid? Don’t know who will wait and get the
money back. But it is a policy specially figured out for scary folks who has a fear
that asteroids might hit the earth at any time.

Superstar Employee Insurance:
Every company in the World has one or few employees who stand as the pillars for
the entire organization. They will act as the key point for all the success stories
behind the company. Some companies lose their entire value if they lose such
employees. Isn’t it worth insuring such employees for the sake of the company?
Yes, definitely the company should insure on their superstars (employees).

Maria Carey

Pet Insurance:

Are you a die-hard lover of your pet? If yes, then immediately insure your pet.
Some people will buy another pet if they lose their pet. But some people cannot
replace any other pets in the place of their lovable pet. In such cases it is better to
get your pet insured. Pet insurance is not only for your puppy and cat but also from
your frog to fish.

Betty Grable

Astonished by the above seen weird insurance policies? These are only a part of the
policies available all over the world. If you want to insure something valuable in
your life and at any point of your life never hesitate to discuss about it with your
insurance company. Definitely there will be good solution for it.

Go ahead and utilize all the policies especially your body parts, if they are the important assets of your entire life to be successful.

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