Pop art theme in Big Boss 11 House:

Director Omung Kumar and Vanita have come up with the all new set for the Big Boss Season 11. Pop art interiors is what that is taking the sets to a new level, and the interiors reflect the theme in every part of it.


Omung Kumar had revealed that he chose pop art because he felt that the contestants needed a colorful space to live.

pop art theme horse

Vibrant colors and beautiful paintings characterize the space, where the participants are to live for 100 days or till they are evicted. The whole concept, the director shares, is to ensure that the inhabitants need to feel colorful, and the viewers should feel it effervescent.

The house:

The house took 55 days to construct with help from 200 people. The color scheme and the interior décor everything adds up to the pop art. The dining table is round, and the dining area is in livid red.

wall interior pop art theme

The beds sport the colors pink and grey, and the mirror work assures the contestants can have a sound sleep. When it is said that the house has the pop art theme, then shouldn’t there be the comic book patterns? Pop art is from the black and white to the colors, anything vibrant and lively has to fit in.

pop art theme modular kitchen

The bedrooms have the black and white comic book paintings.  The beds are in the combo of red and black. The director has ensured the interiors have a mind blowing look. In the sitting area, one can see multi colored buttons of huge sizes fixed on the wall to strike a contrast to the monochrome walls on the other side. Put together they surely strike a note that the director is all set for pop art theme and had it planned seamlessly.

telephone shaped sofa

The kitchen is another area, where the director has used a lot of thinking to bring in the pop art themes. The counters are stacked with colorful utensils and bottles. But below them, you can find the tiles of dairy, poultry and other cooking related pictures in the comic theme, again a pop art form. The wooden crates too are vibrant in colors, and you can see even the coffee mugs and cooking related stuff to beam with effervescence.

The dining area is close to the sitting area, which has some amusing set up. The set up is of a sofa, which is actually a telephone booth.

dining room pop art

It is not the set up that brings in the pop art theme  here, but the loud color of red that reminds there is a piecing together of the colors and the arts in the entire interior set up of the Big Boss Season 11. In fact, Omung Kumar hasn’t let any such opportunity to slip to lay hands on pop art theme.


The livid hues- characteristics of pop art theme:

With the vibrant colors shouting out for Pop art theme, wouldn’t it be great to know how the colors got into the art form, and what actually the Pop art is. Bright colors are often the ones that would come to your mind, if you are thinking about pop art themes. Yes, because the renowned pop art artists, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, and Andy Warhol all used bright colors in their paintings. Andy Warhol is in fact the most defining artist of the pop art culture.

pop art  bighouse bedroom

This is a movement that began in the 1950s. The pop art artists started using images from the popular category, which were from the society that was becoming more focused on media and industries. The subject matter of the traditional fine arts was too different and far off from the pop art form. Consumer culture was celebrated in the popular culture, and this is where the artists drew idea from. With a new approach to subject matter, it is quite obvious they sought the bright colors to get more onlookers. But, later, this popular culture art form too many diversions that the themes are too many and the subject matters have grown increasingly.

pop art outdoor interior

However, what stayed together with this art form, and what all the artists had made little changes is the topic of colors used in the pop art culture. The colors are always bright and livid as they used to be. The pop art artists predominantly used hues of yellow, red and blue; and you can see hue of red spread all over the Big Boss 11 interiors, from the sitting room cushions to the kitchen. Blue is seen in the interiors with a subtle hint, for instance the cooking counter top in the kitchen has shades of blue.

Roy Lichtenstein  used bold colors and tones that are livid. The comic book type black outlines too are present in the pop art culture. Also, it can be seen that the art is closely associated to the household items. The artists used the chairs and tables, and we can see Big Boss 11 chairs and sofas focusing on this idea. Full of bold colors, and interesting tones. The beds however in subtle tones of pink and grey, still add to the grandeur of the livid red and black painted bedrooms.

red and black pop art furniture

Sharp paintwork is yet another characteristic of pop art work. This is something none can miss in Big Boss 11. If you have taken a close look at the  bathroom, where the hues of green are used, you  might not considered it akin to the pop art theme and style in the rest of the house, but still, the tone and the sharp paintwork tell you the bathroom too is blended with the pop art theme of the entire house. In fact, you would be able to figure out the connection even in the ‘Padosi’ house and the dingy jail as well.

In fact, Omung and his wife have ensured that the pop art theme does not end up with the colors in the house. They have got tiny things notices with their uniqueness. The black and white theme in the confession room is another example that they have coupled the theme to suit the mood of the house.


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