When you are looking for a good real estate agent, it goes without saying that you want one of best in the city. Having established that, you’d also know there are so many agents out there promoting themselves through various media. What if we helped out by pointing you in the right direction to find a professional real estate agent that will suit your needs?
Here are a few things to look out for beyond all the glossy ads:

1. Start with the familiar
Realtors are usually judged by their peers – locally or nationally, making that a good
starting point for your search. A well-known agent will not only be recognised by
consumers but will be held in high regard by his/her colleagues too. Be sure to do your
own check on their credentials – and make a note of those who’ve taken additional
training in some more categories of real estate sales.

friendly real estate agent holding a model of a house
2. Talk with recent clients
Any real estate agents you choose should be able to give you a list of the properties
they’ve listed and sold in the past 18 months with some contact details. Also ask about
the clients that were very pleased and if they were able to meet the special
requirements of any clients with regard to the changes/additions in the construction.
You can also enquire about the asking price and then final sale price of the property –
this gives you an idea on their credibility and resourcefulness.

real estate salesmen shaking hands
3. Register with the referral portal Spini
Spini does all the background work on service providers like real estate agents and
ensures their credentials are verified. By completely this very significant layer of
checking, Spini is able to connect you with the agents that deal with your property
purchase requirements.

spini logo
4. Duration of business
The license of the broker will clearly state how long he/she has been in the business of
selling real estate. It’s wise to choose someone who has at least 5 years in the practice
as you can see their closed deals i.e. properties, assess the locations, prices (increase or
decrease) etc. 5 years in the business means they aren’t too new and they know their
way around. The agent must actively demonstrate knowledge of the chosen area/s and
homes in your range.

calendar denoting duration of business
5. Current listings and projects
Everyone is online, so a good web presence is a pretty good sign to go forward. The next
step is to get a look at all the listings the agent has an offer presently. There must be
adequate listings to indicate a healthy business and sufficient, well-priced matches to
the type of property you want to buy or sell, in that location.

agents checking site

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