For a lot of us, however tiny, cramped or compact our house is, we would toil hard to make it appear spacious and substantially bigger than what it actually is.
According to Vaastu Shastra, a de-cluttered and spacious house attracts more wealth, abundance and prosperity. So, if you live in a relatively small house, you can maximize the space to make it look much more appealing and palatial.
DE-CLUTTER : The first thing to do is declutter or remove all unwanted stuff from your counter-tops and removing curios and knick-knacks that makes your living space look smaller. Few might hold sentimental attachments to the knick-knack and souvenirs. However, when the collection becomes a clutter, it becomes more so as a hindrance than becoming an integral part of the space you are living.
It’s a good idea to designate a space for each item and stack it back in its place after every use. Toys or books lying on the floor, spice bottles left unattended on the kitchen counter-tops will only make the space look clumsy and dense. Getting rid of large furniture is also one of the key steps to make your house appear spacious. Remember the mantra- ‘Less is more’.  This applies to all the furniture and accessories in the house. Just dispose away things that you have not been using for a year now.
Believe it or not, sometimes even your souvenir magnets’ collection affixed on your refrigerator could make the area look smaller!  Try and invest on decorative items that would best fit the space and construction of the house. Always visualize the practical difficulties that you might encounter- for example, ensure that you are able to surf between rooms without bumping or banging into anything.
LIGHTING AND WALL COLOUR: Choosing the right wall colour and appropriate lighting can go a long way towards making your home look more bright and spacious. Though dark colours might make you feel cozy, they make the space look much smaller as they tend to absorb light. It’s always a good idea to choose light colours for the walls as it emits more sunlight into the room.
Opting a light coloured flooring too does the trick. Use light hues for the walls, always!  Ensure that you don’t have your wall cluttered with pictures or photographs. Removal of large pictures too help the walls stand out. Always choose lighter coloured flooring for the living room. Having large windows and ventilation that allows free flow of natural daylight into the house is a key factor to make the space appear large.
choosing the right wall colour
More light enhances deeper space. You may want to try using blinds or roman shades instead of cloth curtains- this will make the space look less crowded.
In a nutshell, light and soothing colours, open window coverings, choosing brighter light bulbs , open spaces and less clutter will reflect the space within your house.
JAZZ UP YOUR CEILING: Have you ever tried a different shade other than the usual white or ivory? While white/neutral or light colours opens up the walls of a room, choosing a dark colour for the ceiling creates a depth to the room. It automatically draws your eyes upwards , thereby creating an illusion of height (ie) higher ceiling. Infact ceiling is one of the largest spaces that is most under-utilized. Hanging clothes from ceiling with a pulley system is in place in many houses as it helps in freeing up plenty of floor space. Of course, it also prevents from the place looking cluttered.
false ceiling interior
FURNITURE TRICK: Large and bulky furniture often become the culprit of making the house look smaller than what they actually are. Choose the furniture wisely based on the layout of each room. Also, pushing furniture closer to the wall would make the space look cramped. Moving them away, even if it’s a few inches, from the wall can bring the desired effect of making the room seem larger. Also using raised sofas and armchairs does the trick! Furniture that are raised on legs, creates a sense of light and space. Just go for it!
 mix and match sofa interior
INVEST IN HIDDEN STORAGE AND MULTI-PURPOSE ITEMS: Investing on furniture with hidden storage is becoming the most preferred option, considering the space constraint in apartments and flats. Foldable table, sofa-cum-bed, storage space in bed serve as simple yet practical solutions. If you have more than one child to manage, investing in bunk beds can be a wise option.  Also, there are few things which help you save space for example, foldable dining tables which allow you to make it smaller when not in use. Folding chairs, extendable table, nest of tables are viable options. Furniture that can be stacked, tucked in wheeled away or folded would be an ideal bet for compact houses.
MIRROR MAGIC: Placing a mirror in your room strategically creates the illusion of more space. Mirrors are the easiest, cheapest and quickest way to make a room look bigger. Just place a mirror facing a window – and Tada!! The mirror automatically reflects light and makes the room appear larger and brighter.  You’ll find the same room looking spacious and bright, thanks to the stylish mirror effect on the wall! It is a good idea to lean a full length or large mirror against the main wall to brighten up the room like never before!
mirror interior design
RE-ARRANGE EXISTING FURNITURE: Everything in a room counts, literally everything, when you have a small space. It’s a wise idea to re-arrange furniture to open up your floor space; this will just not be refreshing but also make the room seem bigger. Placing your bed in one corner of the room will reflect a wider floor space rather give an illusion of more space.
 modular kitchen
So, the bottom line is very simple. It all depends on how well you are able to edit the small space you are residing. Just be a bit strict and cautiously decide what needs to get into each room.  Smart decisions go a long way in making your home look extraordinary and welcoming. So just juxtapose space saving and multi-functional remedies and present it in your signature style!
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