Ever wondered if there’s any magic mantra in Hermoine’s spell book to make your space crunched
area appear spacious?
Well of course, it is there!
Not in Hermoine’s spell book. But here, right here in this blog.
Go ahead, read the given ideas and discover where all those spaciousness is hidden in your house.

Buying home

Our mind tends to assume the expanse of the room based on the readings observed on the visual-o- meter. And you know what; this meter is easily susceptible to illusions. Just make sure that you expose a lot of floor and wall space to this meter.

living room interior with furniture

Don’t block its view of the floor and the wall by having tall and space consuming furniture. As you might have guessed by now, the ‘visual-o- meter’ is none other than our own eyes. The more free space you expose to the eyes, the more spacious the room will feel.

As said above, make sure that there’s lot of free space to meet your eyes and this can be achieved effectively by minding your furniture choices. Choose sofas with exposed legs. Opt for small wardrobes that don’t go towering right up to the loft. Don’t hide most of the flooring with oversize carpets. Choose carpets proportional to the size of the room.

bedroom interior

Similarly, in all your furniture shopping, make sure that you prefer the ones that give you a better view of the floor and the wall than those that don’t.

Remember that constricted feeling you got when you entered a room with dark shade painting. Don’t make that mistake in your house too. While dark paints can make a room feel cozy, they have also got that maniacal ability to make it appear compact and SMALL.

interior with light shade wall colours

If you want make your room seem spacious, then, for God’s sake keep away from those dark shades. Opt for lighter shades. Paint your walls with light shade colours and see the light enter into your life.

Notice your lofts and cupboards. Do you see cobwebs and utter chaos in them?
No surprise. The chaos will foil your attempts to make the room appear bigger as it will be the centre of attraction to anyone’s eyes.

contemporary furniture sofa

While cleaning and tidying them up can be tedious, it is easy to sweep the dust under the carpet i.e., cover them up. Block the visual-o- meter from noticing the chaos in the lofts and cupboards by covering them with doors. PVC doors will be sufficient to achieve this objective.

This is the ultimate, fool-proof idea which will bring spaciousness into your homes.
Keep it clean! Yeah, you got it right; keep them clean and free of chaos. Remove the litter, instill orderliness and obviate the disarray.

outdoor interior

Spaciousness is hidden right under those heaps of chaos. Remove them and make your house roomy and make it indeed bigger. Keeping the house neat and clean calls for nothing more to make it seem expansive.

Now that you have learnt the magic mantras, go cast the spell and make your house seem bigger.

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