Small Space Gardening:
A small space garden or a balcony garden can add a spark to the outdoor of your house. While you would be spending a lot to bring in peace and serenity into the home with seamless interiors, outdoor spaces require less money and bit more efforts. A garden is a space that makes you stand cool and relaxed.

Wouldn’t be good to stand among the teeny weeny plants in white pajamas and sipping a cup of coffee in the early mornings? A cup of hot pakodas too can be enjoyed during the rainy evenings standing close to your pots.

How to start?
A beginner in gardening has the same enthusiasm of a child that has a crayon box. With myriad of options lying before, the novice gardener would love to explore anything and everything. Unfortunately, it requires practice and patience to see the perfect levels.

indoor plants

Especially, when you are at loss of space, and want to make the best of the available space and resources, do not attempt get the results even at the first time. This does not mean you are going to be disappointed, but it simply means your dedication and yearning to learn play a vital role when it comes to small space gardening.

Choice of Plants:
Vegetable plants of multiple types can be grown in small numbers. Once you know they are a success, you can always grow them in plenty the next season. It is not only about the quantity of growth that you need to pay attention to, also the choice matters. When choosing the plants, there is another fact to be considered.


You would be obviously using a smaller area, and if you are choosing plants that have a strong root base, and need entire area, you would stop midway, your project. If the space is really less, then you need to stay off from tubers. Your potato plant can gobble up the entire area, and would never let you have plenty of choice. Using the same space for other plants might help you have 2 to 3 varieties.

gardening using interior potted plants

Choice of plants has to be effective, and should not outstrip the availability of space in your garden.  A small backyard, courtyard, balconies and verandahs can come into picture when someone hears about mini gardens. In fact, you can even make use of walkways or sideways too, if you are too keen on gardening and yet you lack the space required.

Here are a few ideas for growing plants, vegetables and herbs with the space you have got.

How they add to the aesthetics?
A cool look to the house is what the beholder gets. The balcony with succulents or other tiny plants, herbs can offer a look of sophistication without much ado. The choice of containers can actually make loads of difference. If you are one who is interested in converting waste to best, then rummage the garage. Old tyers, shoes, bins and anything can be made into a container for the plants.


Try all your crafty bend of mind. Ensure it goes with the theme of your house. If you have brought in Chinese crafts inside your home, a bit of touch of Chinese can help here. Even if you cant do anything better, paint the container to resemble the Mahjong game letters. A bit of creativity can blend your balcony garden with your interior set up.

Container gardening:
Container gardening suits everyone, even for those who cannot afford much space. Patio and rooftop would do. They can be brought into any place, and can be best suited for all sorts of environment. Style of your container gardening can be impressive, if you are giving it quite an imagination. Regardless of where you place the pots or containers, patio or balcony, you can make them add to the beauty of your place. Choose a design that looks unique, or goes with the looks of the house.

container gardening

Container gardens are well suited for the houses of urban style, and the apartments. Here the spaces are much limited. Not only this, there are lots of pros in choosing container gardening.

1. Weeding is never needed, as there are no weeds. Even weeding has to be done, it is going to take a couple of minutes.
2.  If you are going to make use of the items from your garage, or refurbishing old items, then the cost is very minimal. You can even see that sometimes it never costs for containers, only for seeds and soil.

air purifier plants
3. There is no tilling tool required.
4. There is no preparation or saving the soil from frost involved. You start off with the
gardening process, and that’s it. You never have to spend time on other things. This means you need not put in much effort.

How to add to the aesthetic appeal?
This is a sure question that bangs on the eyes when you are all set for the gardening process. If you need something that would capture the eyes all over, then choose the creepers. If your railings are not too much of embellishment, and simple the creepers would compensate. You can cut them and make them form a shape, or a symbol with little help. A pot with colorful sticks is a good choice for succulents.

aesthetic plants

These attractive flora with the adorning of the colorful accessories simply steal the attention. If you prefer more color, then flowery plants are perfect choices. If you need plants that can aid in your kitchen, then grow a variety of vegetable plants. Tomatoes, lemons, and other colorful veggies sure come handy, and they add to the hue.

Have a shelf that is not used anymore at home? Or is it a small shoe rack? They can find place without any effort in the small space gardening. The colorful plants can be placed on them, and anyone who passersby can get easy sight of the attention grabbing hues. Apart from adding to the aesthetics, this is a sure shot way to access fresh supply in the kitchen, and an exercise for your creative bend of mind.

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