Kids’ bedroom décor- things you should consider:
Putting kids to sleep is a very tiresome process. Equally tiresome is choosing the bedroom themes for kids. One of the facts that many of us overlook is that, apart from the real child, the child in every parent too wants to get the perfect décor.


It is a rekindle of childhood in one’s mind, while another nagging angel keeps disapproving all the options kept before him/her. Your budget too can be a constraint, at times. However, when you are equipped with info, there is little trouble.

Bedroom Theme for boys

Soft and soothing:
This should be the mantra when you are trying to find décor for your kid’s bedroom, especially when the kid less than 6 years. They need lot of sunshine, air and soothing colors. Loud colors do not help the babies to sleep better. With the traditional pink for girls, and blue for boys notion, you will be able to find a lot of choices. A small bed, a bedside table or a wardrobe, and couple of pictures to be hung around is a great way to start with.

Girls Bedroom theme Kids interior

Young kids need lots of space to spread their toys around. So it is not time yet for them to get a chair, or other furnishings that occupy space. If you are keen on making it attractive, or if you have a kid aged 5, and do not want to change the décor for another couple of years, there is an option. Use the wall papers that have designs that would fit for kids of all ages. A fantasy kind of wallpaper would interest kids of all ages.

Small space bedroom décor:
Space constraint? Or do you need to make 2 or more kids stay in a same room? Get bunk beds, or hideaway beds. This means, the beds do not take all the space. Do not think that because your cant have space, the same is applicable to style too? The theme to be used in this case can be quite tricky. Choose neutral themes. Let there be lots of natural light, which shows plenty of room, in spite of the space being smaller. Use the nooks and corners well. Instead of dumping a closet in the already small space, bring in shelves that can be fitted with tiny doors, and find a place in the corners.

Use beds that allow storage under them. This way, all the stuff of kids can go in. Your choice of theme should concentrate on a common topic. For instance, one of your kids might be interested in fantasies like Snow White, and other keen on cricket. In such cases, avoid genres that would kindle jealousy. Find a common interest, or bring in generic themes like animals and flowers. The colors again can make you go mad, with the children preferring different hues. Again, ensure you get a bright color, which fits the theme and is neutral.

How to organize:
Even with plenty of space, many parents find it difficult to organize the kids’ bedroom. The first thing to do is to see the bedroom in the perspective of your child. When you have planned to bring in books for your kids, ensure, there is enough space. Else, use headboards. When you have to store toys, first categorize them into toys that can be used every day, and keepsakes that are rarely used.

Store the frequently used items at the ground level, and the rest in the attic or the topmost shelf. Get the help of your child, to ensure everyone is involved. Label things, which can make it easier for the kid to organize things without much help in the future. Do you find it can be a challenge to keep things organized in the room, due to any reason? Do not worry, simply stack them in the space available and use a curtain to keep them out of the view. It saves embarrassment when someone arrives at the room.

Furniture picking:
Another challenging part when it comes to setting up your kids’ bedroom is the choice of
furniture. You both should like it, and yet should be pocket friendly. Start with finalizing the budget. Then ask your child what he or she needs. You cannot try this, if the child is less than 3 years of age. You can also try to bring in something that goes with the color and theme of the room.

For instance, if it is Disney character that adorns the wall, then you should be trying to match cot and table that has any of Disney characters. One thing you cannot ignore is that children keep growing, and you should be changing the furniture to suit the requirement on and off. It is better to fix a small budget to start with.

Things you should consider:
Never compromise on safety. Cot, furniture, chairs, shelves and paints everything should be checked for before you bring them into your bedroom. When it is for an infant, always use sturdy cots and cradles. Use the bassinets that have a strong base. So, when the kids start rolling and moving, they would have lesser chance of falling down. Cleanliness is optimum and attractive décor can always take a back seat compared with it. Do not ignore any electrical outlets that can be dangerous, or heavy objects that pose a threat.

When you have more than 1 child, you would be considering using a bunk bed. But, do not resort for one, unless the child that sleeps up is more than 6 years old. Only then, you can feel safe that it is convenient for the child to climb up. Also, you should also check if the rails are strong in the upper berth, so as to ensure, the child do not fall off.

When it is the preteens or teens that you are worried about, then the only thing you
need to be careful about is the electrical connection. The kids of this age limit are often seen with laptops and other electrical equipment. When they overlook minute details, there can be a disaster.

Simply put together, you should be surveying every nook and corner for everything when you are involved in decorating your kids’ bedroom.

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