With the Kaala fever kicking in, fans are all pumped up to show their love to the Superstar. Kaala based merchandise, contests, memes, and music are already a viral among zealots and fans. So why not home interiors? Yes, we have highlighted few ideas to draw inspiration from Rajini’s latest and most awaited flick “Kaala” to design your interiors ! 

Why not style your home interiors in tune with the KAALA theme?

Art director Ramalingam of Kaala fame has already won hearts with his dedicated efforts in portraying best real-life interior design trends in the Big screen.

Kaala interior design spiniLet’s look at how each part of your home can be modelled on the Kaala style! There are many wonderful aspects that can easily fit into our homes and make the reel life come real.

1. Study / Living room

The above image with Kaala Rajini sitting casually has a classy wooden decor theme for us to get inspired. The neat antique styled book shelf with glass, the working table and chair makes it a great combination. 

The table top lamp, stationery holder, picture on wall and on table, candle holder each one of them have been well chosen and positioned rightly. This displays a great taste and impresses the character of Kaala as a mature, well read dravidian just with this one picture.

There are several such options to choose from from antique designs to contemporary wooden make overs which can fit into your study or living room that bring a tinge of Kaala theme into your home.

2. Patio / Balcony

Apartments or villas with less living areas can be made to look more spacious by having the perfect patio done. The right lighting is necessary to create beautiful ambiances. To create a Kaala-inspired balcony or patio, it is necessary to keep in mind the necessary elements of the ‘semma weightuu’ balcony shown in the Kaala promos.

Kaala Spini Balcony decor

Hanging lights or fairy lights are aesthetically appealing and also add a touch of magic to your balcony. Their user-friendly installation makes it an absolute must on every balcony!

Kaala interior design spini Balcony

Fairy lights can be arranged along the balcony barristers or even along plants in case you have a small terrace garden.



You can update your patio with a stylish add on – large umbrellas!

Kaala Patio umbrella Spini interior design

 The Kaala inspired umbrellas are guaranteed to add the comfy factor to your special large balcony or patio…

Kaala Spini patio decor with umbrella


4. Wall decors and interiors

The interiors of Nana Patekar’s home in Kaala inspired homes is predominantly white with a tinge of ivory. The complimenting furniture and accessories like the cutlery, shelves are glass-based. The airy elegance is added with vintage-style chandeliers. 

Kaala interior design

The grandfather clock marks the rich and long legacy of Nana Patekar as politician. The corner table, white vase, lounge chair all in white marks royal life style. These are great to amp up the luz factor in your home too!

The buffet tables at home can be made to look large by draping them with oversized white spreads. For extra glimmer and a feeling of richness and luxury, sheer curtains can be hanged on sides of doors.

Kaala Interior design

Sheer curtains come handy in case of rooms that have several doors. For nailing the Kaala style interiors, you can use beaded curtains that gel in very well with symmetric pictures or wall hangings. 

The wall decor with white base and the beige colour wall paper combination adds richness to the room. The grandfather clock, lounge chairs, Wooden book shelf and table in Rajini’s room are staples of a retro-style home interior on which the movie Kaala is based on.

Try few of these inspirations at your home and live like kaala, as many of superstar’s fans do during every release of his movie. So do share your comments and pictures of your new Kaala styled home!

Now its time to live the Kaala avatar!


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